Friday, August 27, 2010


Is it possible that you can have Endo pain 6 weeks after surgery, it can't possible come back in such a short time. Today and yesterday I have been getting lower back pain, numbing pain and tinglly feeling around the pelvic area. What the hell could this be? It may be ovarian cysts. This is just not helping my already sour mood.

Today was a good day besides the pain, I managed to stay at work the whole day. Towards the end of the day arm pain radiates up my neck and head. My headache has been getting worse by the hour.

I am mad at DH today. He just came back a week ago from vacation and I was looking forward having him around today. However he has this thing he goes to with friends once a month and today is the day. I had planned for us to go out and get a few things we need for our apt but he is not around. I am kind of upset that he left me here alone and he is out having fun. Part of it is the frustration of not having enough energy to go out and hang out with friends or family. I thought about it and I am too tired to be driving. I rather be in bed and blog :)

On other news I went for my thyroid ultrasound today. They said they will fax the result to my Dr. by the afternoon. I may just pick up a copy for my file on Monday.

My health issue is getting old. I am tired of talking about it. I am tried of people asking me how I feel etc.


  1. You will get worse before you get better. Hang in there, the endo is not back! It just hurts like hell after surgery! ;)

    Please email me when you get your thyroid lab results back, you sound like MY TWIN!!!!!!!

  2. After my last surgery, I had pain for 4 months. Then...no pain again! So, hang in there! Healing takes a while sometimes!!

  3. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry that the pain's come back to haunt you so soon! Surgery has never been a logical treatment for removing endo scar tissue because the act of surgery itself can even cause scarring! I've heard time and time again how women end up in pain soon after endo surgery and I'm so tired of hearing doctors prescribing surgery to women when they know it doesn't work. It's like trying to shave your hair off knowing that it'll grow back. I hope you will abandon surgery in the future to address your endo woes and find something that is less invasive and more effective.

    My heart goes out to you-I've been there in pain before. Let's hope you have better news on the thyroid front. (((HUGS)))

  4. Zengirl-Please explain to me the best possible way to get rid of endo if not with surgery. This previous (cured laparscopically) Stage IV endo girl would really like to know...Also I would like to know how you would remove endo from the bowel that was causing an obstruction in two different places without surgery...Please to do tell....

  5. Thank you guys for your comments.

    Sew, I will be seeing the Dr. in two weeks and will let you know of the result.
    Mama, thanks for the info, I am sure it takes a lot longer than the Drs say to heal from surgery.
    ZenGirl, welcome back, seem like you had a nice vacation.
    I wish there was an alternative out there besides surgery for me. I did try acupuncture and that helped with the pain but only temporarily. This surgery has helped me a lot, I am able to make it to work and sit up straight for hours which I couldn't do before surgery. Yes I am worried about the scar tissues and the Endo coming back. There is a 10% chance that the Endo can return according to Dr. S. so I am hoping that I am not one of them.