Thursday, August 26, 2010

Got Blood?

Holy Cow! I went to give blood yesterday for all the tests that Dr. C ordered. First of all I was already in my morning funk, i.e. fatigue, foggy and unable to concentrate. I get in to Lab Corp and the place was full at 8:30am. I was tempted to head back to my car since I had no energy for a long wait. Then I saw an empty seat and decided to wait for 10 min and see. The line went by quick enough and I was called within 20 min. I swear I probably gave about 12 vials of blood if not more. How much blood can a woman weighting 108lb and a history of anemia give at one time? I warned the lady that I might pass out after all is done. She also said she might have to stick me on both arms if one wasn't enough. Luckily she managed to get all from one arm. I went to work after and only lasted until lunch. All of a sudden I was cold, numb, dizzy and my pressure headache was getting worse. I put on my sweater and that didn't help so I sneaked out of work and went home and sat for a couple of hours. My life truly SUCKS BIG TIME. How am I going to be able to handle the cycle long hormonal test where I have to give blood every three day or so. Some prayer need here.


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  1. Baby asprin helps thin the blood and drink lots of water... ;) Gald you are getting help!!!