Thursday, October 18, 2012

MH's Picture Post

MH turned one in September.  Yes Yes, way overdue for a picture post.  I am not comfortable posting a picture of her on line since I don't post my pictures.   I will post some here for those who read my blog and take them down in a few weeks.

MH is doing great, she took a few steps on her birthday and have been walking ever since.    It was stressful to see her fall down repeatedly on hardwood floor trying to keep her balance for a week or so until she was comfortable.    We tried to keep her down in the basement but she doesn't like the basement much.

We had a big party for her 2 days after her birthday.  On her birthday as you can see below I baked a loaf of chocolate chip bread (yes came out of a box).  I am sure she will complain when she sees what she got for her first birthday.