Thursday, January 24, 2013


Today is P20 or what ever else it is I have no idea.  So this cycle is the cycle where I took the progesterone and estradiol post peak.  I used the cheap OPK and it was positive and seem like I ovulated on cd14, I also had fertile CM.   Starting on P12 or 13 I started having mild cramps and some  back pain as well as sore boobs.   So I figured AF is around the corner.   By P16 no AF so I was getting excited and told myself I will test on P17.   On P16 I had cramps on and off with sore boobs and some nausea.  

On P17 I braved the cold and went out to get a stick.   On the way to the drug store I was excited and for a moment was sure there is a good chance that I was pregnant.   I was day dreaming on how I would tell DH and how I am going to pull off the surprise.  All the good stuff.  Got home and run upstairs to pee on the damn stick.  I despise pregnancy tests.  I always have since the first one I took when we started trying in 2008.   So to my surprise I got a BFN.  I just sat in a daze for a while and collected my self (kicked my self for being so naive). 

Since P17 I haven't had any symptoms, no cramps, no sore boobs, nothing and no AF either.    So where the hell is AF?   Part of it is also my fault, I haven't been doing a good job charting, may be I missed something.  The last few days I have been feeling great physically.  The usually chronic back and butt pain has subsided for what ever reason so I am taking advantage and running around the house getting things done.

In other news DH cough what ever MH had and was sick the last two days.   Same thing, really high fever, joint pain but no stomach issue or snot.  Odd.  I have been really busy taking care of him and MH.  MH has been very clingy since she was sick and just getting back to her self the last few days.   So far I have no symptoms so I think I may be spared. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013


Two days after our C.h.ucky visit MH was sick.

She was fine during the day and walk up screaming in the middle of the night.  She calmed down and went back to sleep.  She was a little warm but didn't think of it much. 

She walk up in the morning and took a bottle and went back to sleep.  I was happy that she took the bottle.   I was in the kitchen when she finally walk up, DH was sleeping as well.  She was hot to the touch so we took here temp tit read 101.  I was in the kitchen to get the Tylenol and also call her Dr. when I heard DH scream out my name.  He was carrying her and running to the door.   I grab my bag and run after him.  At the time I quickly glanced at her and she was awake but had a little bit of saliva in her mouth.    DH said she stiffened up, shook and lost consciousness which appeared to be less than 1 min.  The drive to the hospital is a blur, I remember checking if she was breathing OK and if she was alert.  The hospital is a 3 min drive from our house.   When we got there I run carrying her.   

The Dr. said she had a f.e.brile seizure.  I have never heard of it  before.   It happens in some children when the fever spikes within a short time.  When we got to the hospital her fever was 105 C.  Holly Cow, how did it get that high in such a short time. 

She has never had a fever before, and so we never had to give her any fever meds.    The Dr. said she has an ear infection on the right one.  She got Motrin and antibiotics and they kept us for about 1h for observation. 

We came home, gave her the next dose of fever med that night.  We tried to give her the antibiotics and she threw it up.  We gave her a bath and she was fast asleep.   Neither of us slept much.  During the night her temp was fine.  Then next day we went to her Ped. and he checked her and said she has no ear infection and to stop the antibiotics.   The fever resolved in such a short time which is also odd.  She doesn't have a cold or any stomach issue. 

This was such a scary experience and I am glad I didn't see her go though the seizure.  DH was crying on and off the whole day.   I was just numb.  

In other news AF is late.  I am not sure if the last one was on the 23rd or 24th.   I will wait until Tuesday to test.  I doubt after just one month on treatment I would get a BFP.   But the good news is there is no brown spotting.  I have some cramps like usual.  My boobs hurt also and a little nauseous at times but this happened the last two cycles so not thinking of it much. 

Monday, January 14, 2013


1.      It’s been a while since I blogged. I have no excuse. Happy New Year to everyone. We had a lovely Christmas and New Year. DH was on vacation for more than 3 wks and he will be back to work end of this wk. It has been really nice having him home. My Mom went home and should be back once DH starts working. We celebrated the 1st Christmas at DH's cousin's house; this has been the tradition for the last 5 years. We also celebrated the orthodox Christmas, also at another Cousin of DH. I hosted my family on New Year day. It has been a stress free holiday season.
2.      I haven't made any New Year’s resolution because I hate making them and not following through. Reflecting back on 2012 a lot had taken place in our household with the biggest being purchasing a house and I becoming a SHAM. For 2013 I strive to be a better mother and wife.
3. I have never been to Ch.u.ck e Che.ese before until yesterday. DH and I didn't even think of it much when we got the invitation. We get to the place at 4 pm, ohhh boy. As soon as we walked in the smell hit us. It was suffocating. I was tempted to grab my child and run out. I didn't grow up in the US so I had no idea what the place was like. I thought it is a place where you have pizza, cut cake and sing happy b. day and call it a day. I was in for the shocker. The place had a zillion kids running around like crazy. To top it off this was for a 2 year old. Definitely not a place for a 2 year old party. MH is at a point that she doesn't want to be held and want to run around. So DH was chasing her constantly so that she doesn't start rolling on the filthy carpet. The place was loud, way over crowded and dirty to say the least. The game area was crazy, kids high on sugar running around from one game to the next. How do people with multiple kids keep an eye on their kids? I have been watching MH today, she has some snot but no temperature so it is looking good. I wouldn't be surprised if we come down with the flu/cold. There will not be any Ch.uck.e Che.ese outing ever for us.

4. MH is teething constantly, she has about 6 teeth coming out, it doesn't seem to bother her much except for having her hand in her mouth and drooling. What we are having issues with food. She is a picky eater. When I started her with food at 6 month, she started with avocado, banana, and green peas. She didn't eat much of it but at least tried. I also incorporated chicken later on which she didn't really like much but managed to take at least half a cup of purred chicken with vegetables. A few month ago she said no to the chicken and everything else except fruits, eggs, oatmeal. She eats oatmeal with banana/apple in the morning, yogurt with some fruit for lunch, eggs for dinner. I am trying to give her time and not force it but I am running out of options. She refuses to touch any vegetables. What am I doing wrong?

5. On TTC front AF finally showed up after 40 days and I started the meds I was on pre-pregnancy. I am taking HC, progesterone and estradiol post peak. Surprisingly once I stopped the progesterone pre-peak I felt better. My anxiety was less and I walk up refreshed in the morning. I don't get it. It made me feel better when I started it and the whole point of being on it for the last 12 months. I had to go back on it post peak so I don't know if the effect is real. We have started to TTC. Today is P + 9, as usual I have lower back pain and some fatigue. Of course my mind went to thinking pregnancy symptoms. I know, I know, I had to laugh at myself. We will see what the next few cycle looks like. My issue pre-pregnancy was spotting early. I haven't had that post-partum but I wasn't ovulating regularly so it is hard to tell.

6. When I quit my job I made a promise to myself that I will not be buying cloth for a year. Part of it is an effort to minimize pressure on our budget and part of it is that I have cloth that I bought pre-pregnancy that no longer fit. I have about 7lb to lose and it hasn't gone anywhere. I have been very good with the promise with the exception of buying a pair of socks. The other day the handle on my purse broke, I have been holding the same black purse for the last year. Before MH I usually hold smaller purses and once she arrived I starting holding a bigger purse and every time I try to change to my other purses I keep thinking it is not enough space. DH threatens to go out and buy me a purse but I have at least 3-4 smaller bags that I can use.