Thursday, May 9, 2013

Its been a while

This past Sunday we celebrated Easter.  I cooked over two days so that I can be somewhat functional for Easter.  Lots of meat dishes as we were pretty tired of veggies.  I invited my niece (practically a single mother); fiancĂ© is overseas and she is raising her daughter alone.  I also invited my dad and my sister's for Easter lunch.  It was fun, small crowed and enjoyable.  We managed to go to church on Good Friday and stayed for only 1h.  Church and toddler don't mix together.   She wanted to run around and DH held her as much as he could but within 30 min she was restless so he let her go.  She took off running and starting talking to kids and anyone she found.   My mother usually goes to the Sat evening service and goes to her sister's house for Easter.   For  E.th.opian orthodox Easter is the biggest celebration, bigger than Christmas and I have so many wonderful childhood memories.   It is just not the same celebrating Easter here; so you manage to create another tradition. 

MH had fun playing with my nieces daughter.  We don't have anyone else that is closer to her age so she doesn't get to interact much with kids her age.  Seeing them play together was heart warming.  I will have to invite my niece more often so they can get to know each other.   MH is growing up so fast.  She is blabbering, most of it we don't understand.  Since we also talk to her in our native language she is mixing the two languages.    We have a playground behind our house and we manage to go at least twice in a day when the weather is nice.   The older kids around the neighborhood love her since she makes sure she says hi to everyone and they find her baby talk funny and ask me to interpret :).  We really like our neighborhood, there are lots of families and young kids are always playing outside. 

3. On TTC front I was pretty sure I was pregnant.  On P+10 I walk up to spotting.  I haven't spotted since I had MH.  My last cycle on Med was 28 days with good CM and no spotting.  Before I was pregnant with MH I had luteal phase defect and spotted as early as P+6.  I took progesterone and estradiol for two cycles (I think) before the spotting stopped and I became pregnant.  I also had spotting starting on P+10 before I found out I was pregnant with MH.  So yep, spot on P+10 and I automatically assumed that this must be implantation spotting.  I had all the signs, sore boobs, back pain, faint cramps.  Boy I was excited :(.  I spotted for three days and on Easter Sunday morning there was AF.  What a bummer.   Not only I was not pregnant but now I am spotting on Meds :(.   I will have to go back to the Napro Dr for blood work.  I haven't had any blood work done since MH.   It just doesn't make sense to assume that I have the same problems as before MH and use the same treatment.  It will be helpful to know the hormone profile.  I don't know though if I want to go off the meds so that I can have the blood work.  We shall see.  I am also not keen on going to PA since my DH is really busy over the next few months and if I make that appointment it would mean he will have to take a day off.  I want to be aggressive and pursue a second pregnancy but I also have to be sensitive to my family needs.