Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Endometrial lining & Thyroid

I got a call from Napro Dr. office last week regarding my ultrasound result.  It was done on P + 6, 3 days after starting the estrogen suppository.  My lining measured 5 mm.  Not very good.  However, it was only 3 days of treatment so I assume my lining could have been a little better towards the end of treatment but would still not be optimal.   The nurse also said I possible have As.herm.an's Syn.drome which I already suspected but I would still have to do an HSG or hysteroscopy to determine if this is the issue.   My AF was much better this cycle in quantity, even with the 5 mm endometrial thickness.  It was 2-3 days of light flow.   Without estrogen it was only 2-3 days of spotting.

I am on cd14 and no hint of ovulation what so ever.  I usually ovulate on cd13/14 or sometimes. I haven't seen any fertile CM so it seems like the estrogen cream has messed up my cycle.   Just wonderful. 

So I have been looking for a Gyno in our area to see about As.herm.an's syn.drome.    I really do not want to go to the Dr. who did the D & C.   I could have the HSG done in his office but I think I am better off just going to a Dr. that specializes in removing scar tissue from the uterus.   So after searching and searching I finally have a Dr. identified and will call for consultation.  Just hope that they take my insurance.  

It wouldn't be wise for me to keep doing estrogen treatment  just in case that my lining is sheading and not exiting fully due to some restriction in my uterus.  Pretty much this will end in endometriosis and could also be a reason for the recent increase in lower back and pelvic pain.  After I found out the ultrasound result I immediately called my old acupuncturist and made an appointment for the weekend and I am seeing her weekly.  Luckily my insurance covers this so that is a plus.

I saw my Dr. who treats my thyroid.  My labs looked fine with the exception of free T4 which was low.  This was the case when I visited the emergency room last month so not surprising.  We increased the naturethroid med to twice a day so I will be on 64 mg.   We cut back on T3 med and split the dose to twice a day instead of just one in the morning.   I am so excited to go up in dosage for the naturethroid since that made me feel a lot better.

I am still waking up in the middle of the night sometimes but are able to fall back asleep easily so that is an improvement and I haven't had any palpations recently.   I haven't resumed the LDN but will do so in a couple of weeks once I adapt to the new dosage of thyroid meds. 


Thursday, February 20, 2014


It has been a difficult month to say the least.  After 3 wks of sleep trouble (getting up in the middle of the night with palpitation and pain in my arm and shoulder), last week I started taking Advil before going to bed and it has saved me so far.  I don't take it ever night but if I think I am going to need it I will take it. 

I saw a cardiologist last week and had another ECG done and all looked normal.  I am pretty sure my heart is OK but It doesn't hurt to check it.  I will go in for a stress test next week and will be monitoring my heart for three weeks (waiting for the monitor to arrive).  

After paying more attention to my symptoms it appears that the issue is most likely my endometriosis flaring up.  I started to notice that I am having more pain on the left side around my hips and it feels like when I move sometimes I get a dull internal pain.  It almost feels like there is some restriction there, like my colon is stuck to something.   The pain quickly radiates throughout my left leg and also left hands and chest.  I have noticed this through out the day when I have stood/sat for to long or is holding toddler.  For at least one or twice a day I would have to lay flat on the floor and stretch it out which helps a lot.

I am a little depressed about this, I am frustrated and tired of dealing with the same issues day in day out.  I guess the endo flare is due to using estrogen suppository, I expected it but didn't think it would happen this fast.  So the plan is to try to get pregnant as soon as possible once my lining issues have resolved.  AF showed up last week and it was much better than what I had as far as volume.  It is still light compared to my normal but it has improved a lot.  I was barely spotting in earlier cycles.  I am waiting for the ultrasound result.  The Dr. was out of town but should be back tomorrow.  

Trying to get pregnant is going to be tricky since toddler sleeps with us and with me being sick there hasn't been much going on.  Sometimes I feel like the distance between DH and I is widening and not health for our marriage.   I have tried to get toddler to sleep on her own but she got sick in January and the little training she had she lost since we were not comfortable having her sleep in her crib alone since she was having breathing issues.  Now she refuses to even be in the crib.  With pain, sleeping issues and all, time with my husband is far from my mind.  I just want to go through the day with at least my daily activities accomplished. 

As much as I want to have a 2nd child and give toddler MH a sibling I can't be doing estrogen treatment for long.  So I will have to draw a line on how long to try this and give it a rest.   I don't want to be where I was before, in pain and going crazy from migraine headaches.  I want to be able to take care of my child without the constant nagging pain and debilitating headache that comes with it.  With that said I think it means time to let go of future pregnancies and move on.   I am not there yet but it is not too far away.

My thyroid Dr. canceled my appointment last week due to snow but will be seeing her tomorrow.   We shall see where things stand. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

More Episodes of Palpitation

So like planned I completely stopped LDN for a week and started back up again last Monday.  For  a third time I woke up around 3 am again.   I tried it a few days later and the same thing happened again so I figured I am just not tolerating it well and asked my Napro Doc on how to go forward and we agreed to try a lower dose for a week and see how it goes.

So I haven't started the reduced LDN yet.    The last few nights I walk up between 3-4 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  My heart wasn't racing though so that was an improvement but the sleep disturbance is awful.   Like Sew suggested this must be a symptom of low cortisol but it could also be due to high cortisol.   So last night I stayed up late and slept around 1 pm and walk up at 3 am again and this time my heart was jumping out of my chest which gradually calmed down.  My legs were so cold and my left arm and shoulder were killing me and are still sore.  To make it worse I couldn't sleep until 7 am this morning and had to be up by 9 am for an P+7 ultrasound.   Now I am pretty beat.    

I am on 32.5 mg of NDT and 60 mcg of slow release T3.    The NDT was added about three months ago and I was on only T3 for the last 4 years and had no issues with palpitation or sleep disturbance.   Besides this issue I am loving the NDT.  It had done wonders for the debilitating anxiety.

I have an appointment with my Dr. but it is a month away which is not acceptable.  I will have to see her sooner but DH is only available every other Fridays so I could only schedule then.     So I left a message for my Dr. asking what to do, I already did my lab last week so they should have the numbers.   They are still waiting for the lab result and they moved my appointment to next Friday. 

I want to add HC and see what happens but I am terrified of making the issue worse in case I my cortisol is high.   I couldn't tolerate 20 mg of HC last year and had to cut to 5 mg only.   I only took the NDT this morning and left out the T3.  Hoping tonight will be a better night.