Friday, February 7, 2014

More Episodes of Palpitation

So like planned I completely stopped LDN for a week and started back up again last Monday.  For  a third time I woke up around 3 am again.   I tried it a few days later and the same thing happened again so I figured I am just not tolerating it well and asked my Napro Doc on how to go forward and we agreed to try a lower dose for a week and see how it goes.

So I haven't started the reduced LDN yet.    The last few nights I walk up between 3-4 am and couldn't go back to sleep.  My heart wasn't racing though so that was an improvement but the sleep disturbance is awful.   Like Sew suggested this must be a symptom of low cortisol but it could also be due to high cortisol.   So last night I stayed up late and slept around 1 pm and walk up at 3 am again and this time my heart was jumping out of my chest which gradually calmed down.  My legs were so cold and my left arm and shoulder were killing me and are still sore.  To make it worse I couldn't sleep until 7 am this morning and had to be up by 9 am for an P+7 ultrasound.   Now I am pretty beat.    

I am on 32.5 mg of NDT and 60 mcg of slow release T3.    The NDT was added about three months ago and I was on only T3 for the last 4 years and had no issues with palpitation or sleep disturbance.   Besides this issue I am loving the NDT.  It had done wonders for the debilitating anxiety.

I have an appointment with my Dr. but it is a month away which is not acceptable.  I will have to see her sooner but DH is only available every other Fridays so I could only schedule then.     So I left a message for my Dr. asking what to do, I already did my lab last week so they should have the numbers.   They are still waiting for the lab result and they moved my appointment to next Friday. 

I want to add HC and see what happens but I am terrified of making the issue worse in case I my cortisol is high.   I couldn't tolerate 20 mg of HC last year and had to cut to 5 mg only.   I only took the NDT this morning and left out the T3.  Hoping tonight will be a better night.


  1. Oh gosh, that is awful! So frustrating that it could be a sign or low or high HC! I hope they get back to you quickly with your lab results. I would be terrified of trying to adjust doses on my own, knowing it might make things even worse. Ugh. Let us know what happens!

  2. I'm confused by 32mg of ndt? Is that 1:2gr of armour?

    That's low HC with the 3am wake up..it seems as though you are headed into evening low or your adrenals aren't rising to wake you up for the day.

    How do you figure it's high HC? Makes no logical sense for awake up at that time.

    Ndt pulls down HC---without sufficient HC reserve your cabt keep up---t3 also-pulls down HC---

    I'm not familiar with LDN--so I'm not sure if that drug would affect adrenal reserve...

  3. Sew, the ndt is naturethroid. 32 mg has 19mcg T4 & 4.5 mcg of T3 (1/2 a grain). I need to increase the dose since the ER level of free T4 was low.

    The palpitation & not being able to sleep for 3 hours after it seem to me like high cortisol. My last saliva test showed low levels for all 3 day time and high for the late night.

    Today I added 2.5 mg HC at 4 pm. If I feel better I will add 2.5 mg at 8 pm in a few days. Have you ever had palpations? I never had chest pain before but the last two nights I am feeling it and my arm is sore. I feel like I am having a heart attack.

    Thanks for the help

  4. High at night but low all day is adrenal fatigue.....

    I get palpitations EVERY single time my HC is low. I don't so much wake up at 3am anymore like I used too. But I can't get to sleep if I'm low throughout the day.

    Your thyroid meds pull down HC....have you recently increased

  5. Sorry I'm on my phone....

    Have you recently increased you ndt?

  6. Haven't gone up in dose. I started the ndt 3 months ago and still at the same dose. I have been up since 3:30 am today so I was reading up on your hellish days of trying to adjust the meds when you were pregnant with H.
    I will try taking HC at dinner and see how I do tonight.

  7. Ok-Taking NDT will pull down HC. So taking HC in the am when taking thyroid might help as well to offset the pull on the HC.

    You have to get ahead of low HC symptoms before adrenaline kicks in. Hence the reason you were up at 3am. It's a combination (sounds like) but not actually talking to you, I can just be pulling this out of my butt through my own experience.

    The thought process is to get ahead of being low to not cause issues at 3 am. Your adrenals RISE between 3-8am (off the top of my head)...They do that to get you ready to start your day. Cortisol is highest in the morning and drops off slowly.

    So when taking NDT and if one has low HC--supplementing them when taking HC is a good start.

    But considering how bad off your adrenal insufficiencies are you need try and follow the natural flow of HC throughout the day.

    Highest in the morning and dropping off in the evening.

  8. Thanks. Will see what my Dr says on Friday. She probably won't supply more HC until she sees another saliva test