Sunday, June 26, 2011

C-Section vs. Natural Birth

I was talking to a family friend who expressed concern because her daughter who is a nurse said she is going to have an elective c-section instead of a vaginal birth. Her main reason is that things down there may not go back to normal and that she doesn't want to deal with labor pain. Now this is the third person I know within the last year that have elected to go for a scheduled c-section and all three women work in health care. How crazy is this, what person in their right mind will go for a major surgery over a vaginal birth? I expected more from these women since they are nurses and are better informed of the risk associated with c-section but are still opting for it without any medical need. Is there something I don't know? Nature intended for babies to come out of the vagina and when there are complications I understand the need for a C-section. But to actually choose c-section over vaginal birth because you don't want your lady parts to possible change after a vaginal birth or to not want to deal with the pain is kind of disturbing and absurd. What next, people wanting to be pregnant but would rather have medical science come up with technology to be able to have a pregnancy outside of the body so pregnancy doesn't ruin their figure or avoid the ups/downs of pregnancy?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Still Around

Sorry I have been missing in action. My laptop died a few weeks ago, had some kind of virus and Hubby took a week to get rid of it. I have also been extremely busy at work. My boss will be changing departments which leaves me with a lot more responsibility until they figure out what to do.

Pregnancy is going very well. I had an OB appointment for my routine checkup but he canceled on me so that has been postponed until next week. I will also be doing the glucose tolerance test which I am not looking forward to. Baby is moving a lot but I feel her way low and sometimes when she kicks she makes me run to the bathroom.

One of my DH relative has been married more than 7 years and has no children. We see them at family gatherings at least 3-4 times a year and I always had wanted to ask about their situation. I am certain that they want kids but since we are not so close and they have not talked about it I was never comfortable to ask. We haven’t seen them since I got pregnant and last week we met the husband for coffee to discuss something else but I was a little nervous on how he would react to the pregnancy. I have been on the other end and knowing how painful it is when someone announces they are pregnant I felt a little anxious. He was so happy for us and he mentioned to hubby how blessed we are to be expecting. I want to help and let them know of our experience and see what they have tried but I just don't feel close enough to mention it. So I have asked DH to meet him and tell him about our experience in hopes that he will be comfortable and open about their situation.

On other news we have started looking for houses. We are not ready to buy yet but thinking that we may act on it after the baby is born. I don’t want a big house, I want a house that we can afford with just one salary but around here that is almost impossible unless it is a condo or a very old small house. Hopefully we will save enough to at least put 20% down by the fall. It is nice to have our own home, a few weeks ago the A/C broke down in the middle of the 90 plus degree heat wave and boy I was dying. The landlord took a good two weeks to have a new unit put in. Pregnancy and hot weather do not go together.