Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Dr. D. wanted to do another HCG which I did yesterday.   The number is around 2900 and looking good.   I will have an ultrasound next week and a repeat test of progesterone and HCG.

I am doing fine.  The hunger is starting to kick in and I also have mild cramps and lower back ache.    Good thing is I haven't seen any blood since the implantation bleeding so that is good.

I told my sisters and Mom and they are all excited.  The funny thing is that I already look 3 month pregnant not because of this pregnancy but just overall weight gain and I am always blotted.  We had a family lunch at my uncles last Sunday and my aunt was looking at me all funny.  Over the last few months I have been asked at least six times by different family member if I was pregnant. 
Now I don't care,  I am close to taking out my maternity pants since most of my pants are too tight to begin with so probably won't be able to wear them much longer.

I am so excited, and what do you know, the endometriosis pain is disappearing.  There is still some lingering pain but not as intense.  I hate endometriosis.

In the next few weeks I will have to go for a blood draw so we can check the state of my thyroid and whether we need to up the meds.  I am also getting tested for mineral and vitamin levels and going back to my Doc. for a review. 

I am so happy right now, no words to describe it. 

Friday, July 26, 2013


Yes I am pregnant.  Lab work done on P + 16

Progesterone: 20.3

HCG: 313

Yep, no progesterone injection for now.  I am so excited.  I am going to continue 200 mg progesterone suppository ever night and we will see what the numbers look like in two weeks.  Who's body is this?  I am really surprised the numbers came up this high.  My first pregnancy it was around 10 at P + 18. 

The day I tested when Hubby got home MH was wearing " Big Sister" shirt.  Took one of her white shirts and wrote on it with a marker.   He was like what does it mean Big sister, it took him a few minutes to get it. 

He wasn't expecting this at all since I told him my period was on the way and I was already spotting.  I had really bad cramps for a couple of days so he thought I was already done with AF. 

He is excited but couscous as usual.  I think until he sees a bump he is not going to be too excited.   However I am over the moon. 

To give MH a sibling makes me so happy.   In addition, If it was like the last pregnancy, I will be pain free for the next 9 months.   My pain already has gone down.   Endometriosis free for the next 9 months is a gift. 

Praying that all goes well.  I am going to act like a normal fertile girl and not stress about all the things that could go wrong. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Its CD29 today (P+ 16) and I tested this morning and yeahhhhhh it was Positive, BIG FAT POSITIVE. 

I am the type of person when I am excited  the excitement display only last for 5 second and I am all calm on the outside but still excited inside.   I did a dance and a quite scream in my bathroom for 5 seconds.

This cycle I did the hormone profile and my last blood draw was on P+11.    I was waiting for my period to arrive so that I can e-mail my chart to the Dr. and was planning to see her in a month to review.

On P+10 I spotted, just a hint of blood and did the same for two more days.  This has happened before so I cursed under my breath and just let it go. 

The last two days I had no bleeding, non what so ever and I started to suspect something is up.  Then again it has happened before and had followed up with AF.  I was actually quite amused on the constant chatter that was going on in my head and I was going to blog about it and didn't have time.

When I saw no blood yesterday I decided I would test on P + 16. 

MH sleeps with us and she woke up in the middle of the night wet, apparently her dad gave her a lot of water before bed even though I have asked him not to do.   It was 3:30am and while he was changing her I went down to get a glass of water but realized that I was starving so I had some peanuts and went back to sleep. 

At 7:30 am I walk up to pee and before I peed I checked for any blood, God knows how many times I have done this and had discovered a hint of blood or AF.  That is when I decided I am going to use the only PG stick I had.

Oh my, the feeling of seeing the positive stick.   I can scream with excitement right now.  

After the test I ran downstairs to get my camera, I thought DH had already left for work but he was sitting in the kitchen working.    I resisted telling him.   I told him I came down for water and run back up quickly.   I waited until he left to take a picture of the pregnancy stick.   No picture included here, can't find the cord for the camera to connect to my computer.

WOW, this is so unexpected.  Just in my last blog post that I was whining about how my body is broken etc.

Since I was doing the cycle long hormone profile I did not take progesterone or estradiol. 

The only thing I am on is 60 mg T3 and 5 mg of HC in the morning.

I already called the Dr's office and they will be getting back to me with lab orders and the plan for progesterone support. 

I am curious to see what my progesterone level was post peak. 

I have a headache, boobs on the side hurt a little and I have cramps.   It feels like just before my period is about to come.  The cramps scary me. 

Please say a prayer that all will go well. 

Now how to tell my husband? My mom is here so it is going to be hard to pull a surprise.  I don't know if I want to tell her now since she worries too much.  I just want to make sure I at least have a blood test before I tell her.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


On TTC front I went back to my Napro Dr. a few weeks ago.  I was on Estradiol and progesterone for  the last four months and still spotted and my luteal phase was short for 2 cycles.  Never had this problem when I was taking meds prior to pregnancy.    I went back with the determination of getting all that can be tested and giving the pregnancy thing one last shot.   So right now I am doing the cycle long hormonal profile and will have an ultrasound and HSG shortly.    I am also going to start taking LDN again.  The endometriosis is getting worse and I have pain all the time.  Since I am home and it is somewhat manageable.    If I am hurting I have the option of laying down and taking it easy.   The Dr. suggested another surgery which I refused.  It would be my last option and I wouldn't only go there If my pain becomes intolerable.    It took me forever to recovery from the last surgery, I am emotionally scared by it.    So my plan is we will try to conceive for another year and if it doesn't happen we will close that chapter.   I really want to give MH a sibling, and I want another baby.   Heck I want three or more.  Part of me says I got pregnant once then then chance of it happening is high.  However, the infertile me kicks in and says that one time is just a one time  and my body is broken.  Yes my body is broken, I have headaches all the time, I get tired easily and I am in pain constantly so I know the reality.    I am also pushing 40 so if it happens it will be a miracle.  But if no child comes out of this that is OK.  I have my one and I am thankful. 

We live 5 min from our local hospital and there is a LabCorp next door. I can even walk to it and have my blood draws.  I still can't drive far without being in pain.  No one understands it since I am standing and waking around and look fine.  Since I have to use my right foot for driving the action of pressing on gas or brake repeatedly aggravates  the pain.  Most of the pain I have is on the right.  During an internal examination at the Napro Dr.  after telling her that it really hurts on the right she had to go there and dig, it was so painful I wanted to cry.

The last few months I am constantly blotted and have also gained  3-4 lb.   I lost count on how many times I have been asked if I am pregnant.  Even my Dad asked :).  So I am 15 lb over my pre-pregnancy weight and that is a lot for a  5 feet 2 inches frame.   I have to lose at least 10 lb to feel comfortable.

In other news not related to TTC and health we finally bought a dining set after looking for almost a year.  When I have to buy big items I agonize over the purchase and I am always looking for something that doesn't exist.  Any how we finally settled on one, didn't think spending $1500 on a set is smart since I am not working and we could have been fine with our old set but DH also wanted to buy so our dining area can look decent.  

The one other purchase will have to be curtains for our living room and I still haven't found what I liked without spending over $200.    I am assuming another 6 month before I find what I like :). 

MH is saying a few phrases and is approaching 2.  She is a happy and a fun toddler.  I am enjoying ever minute of it.