Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Hope all of you had a blessed Easter. Being orthodox my DH did the 7 weeks fasting from any animal products. I am so proud of him, he usually has 12 hour work days with only a peanut butter sandwich for lunch beofre he eats dinner. I didn't go to church either, I missed last years because of Endo pain and now because of pregnancy. I don't think I could have handled the 6 hour service on Saturday night. Of course DH went with some family but I attended on line, not the same thing but made me feel like I was part of it.

We celebrated Easter at my brothers, it was low key and relaxing. My parents went home for a few month so it was a little bit quite. It is weird to celebrate holidays without them.

On the pregnancy front I am down to one shot per week of progesterone, level was 41.5 ng/ml last time I test so most likely if it goes up next time Dr. S might take me off of it.

I am feeling really good physically, I don't remember the last time I felt this good health wise and thanking God for this miracle.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Hands Wide Open

We saw the fetal medicine specialist that my OB suggested. I made the appointment for consultation and ultrasound and was prepared to decline the amino test. We had a 20 min consultation at the beginning where they tried to scare the hell out of me but kept it realistic and said only a 1% chance. Based on the first trimester test we they said we had 1:100 chance of having a baby with Tri.somy 18. This was due to mostly having a very low PAPP-A . So they laid out all the options for us but pushed for the amino test. I am sure they get a lot of money for this test. I told them even though the chance of having an abortion from such a procedure is very low we just were not willing to take the chance and risk complication.
So with that said they took me for an ultrasound where we spent more than 30 min doing all kind of measurements. While reading about Tris.omy 18 babies one of abnormalities that would appear on the ultrasound is that babies will not be able to separate there fingers and is usually in a fist position. As soon as they zoomed to the hands my tension just melted away. Yes baby girl had both her hands wide open for us to count each finger.
The Dr. came in and reviewed the ultrasound result and said all looked fine but that this is not an exclusive test but said it is reassuring that baby is looking good and measuring right on time with all measurements in the normal range. That is all I needed.
Yes it is a baby girl all though they said they weren't a 100% sure since I am only 16 wks.
So excited that things are progressing well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sex during pregnancy

I can't believe I am writing about this but why not. So DH and I have stopped relations :) since we found out that I am pregnant. At first two scared to due to bleeding during first trimester. I am all fine with this but the last month I have been dreaming like crazy about it. How odd is that. I hear that it is common in pregnancy but still strange. Who knows I may attack DH during one of these dreams. That would be really funny.

Knowing that my boss couldn't keep a secrete I went ahead and told him that I am PG. Of course he couldn't keep it in and sent a few people to ask me if I had any news. Heheheh, he is too funny. I don't care at this point. I just hope that all will be well with baby at next weeks check up.

A co-worker is also pregnant and due two days after me. She is not showing at all unlike me. It became so obvious this week and I am down to one non-maternity pant I can wear.

I went on line and bought a couple of pants from M.otherHood Mater. and the package came today and both pants fit perfectly. Its hard to find petite maternity pants in stores unless you are ready to pay $70 a pair.