Monday, November 3, 2014

Pycnogenol & other things

So back in July I started taking Pycnogenol supplement.  It is an extract from the pine bark of French Maritime pine tree.  A limited study in endometriosis patients has shown that it is effective in reducing pain.   It is being used for a lot of others things from anti-aging, circulation issues, heart disease , cancer and plenty of other ailments.    I started with 1 capsule (30 mg) and increased it to two capsules after a few weeks. 

I did not notice any reduction in pain but what I noticed is that since I start taking it the number of brown spotting prior to my period has been reduced to a day or none.   I haven't taken it long enough to determine this is real but it is promising.   About a month ago I noticed my stomach was acting up specially in the mornings, I take it after breakfast and dinner.  So I stopped for a few weeks and I have resumed taking it once a day and will go up to two capsule a day.  If anything may be my skin will start looking better and my body will stop growing gray hair :).

I talked about hysterectomy being an option down the line but probably wouldn't help me since I don't have crazy cramps like I use to around my period and removing my uterus would not take care of the endometriosis outside of the uterus.   Well lets just say I am rethinking it.   This cycle after ovulation I felt great, my pain was minimal and my mood was even better, felt hormonally stable and come P + 9 I started cramping.   It started with lower back cramps, feels like labor contractions.   Today is P + 13 and I am still cramping like crazy.  It is on and off but enough to ruin my day.    I took pain killer for two days because I needed to stay out of the house.   It is crazy to have serious cramps for a week. 

I usual host Thanksgiving and I have never made the traditional Thanksgiving meal.  I usual stick with the Ethiopian dishes.  But this year I was thinking of doing strictly Thanksgiving menu.  I have never  oven roasted meat so today I am trying my hand in oven roasting a whole chicken and see how it comes out.   Lets just say I hate touching whole chicken.  My family is not much in to Turkey so I probably will substitute the turkey with chicken.   What I was hoping to avoid making both the traditional Thanksgiving meal and also Ethiopian dishes;   it will just be too much work.    My niece is a college freshman and she is home sick like crazy.   So I asked her if she has any request for Thanksgiving she said to have Ethiopian food.   So now I am stuck, may be I will have my sisters bring the Ethiopian dishes, we shall see.