Monday, August 13, 2012

Still Here

Sorry for the total silence.   I have been very busy and I still have not bought a new laptop.  My old laptop either freezes or shuts down ever time I turn it on and I just have no patient for it.  I have been meaning to blog for the last couple of weeks but just have not gotten a chance.  A lot has been happening in our lives over the last month.

We closed on our house as planned; all the paper work finally came together.  I quit my job within a few days after closing on our house.  Handing my resignation letter was the best feeling ever.    I have thought about this for months so it was not a sudden decision.    The two weeks after I gave my resignation were very busy with transferring my projects and finishing up things that could get down in a short time.   I have been at the company for over 10 years and know a lot of people so almost every day of my last two weeks I was out at lunch.  It was bitter sweet and I am going to miss my coworkers.   I managed to not cry while there but had a good cry when I got home.     

Within a week after I stopped work we moved to our new house.   We have just finished unpacking the important stuff and have a few boxes left of random stuff.    I have not had a chance to internalize all the changes that has been happening since we were busy with the move and cleaning out our old place.   Even though it is only been two weeks since I have stopped working it feels like a long time.  I am getting 8 hours of sleep ever night and my stress level pretty much is none existent.   Until I stopped working I had no idea that I was in that much stress physically, mentally and emotionally.   Physically this move has been really hard since I forget the limitation of my broken body and try to do too much and end up with pain and headache but I am learning to take it slow.  

There is a lot of stuff in the back of my mind as far as future plans for work, revising my Napro doc, taking classes and many more things but I am keeping all in the back of my mind and getting my house in order and taking the much needed break.   My focus now is to enjoy my baby and husband and try to be a better wife and mother.  Lets just say I have been lacking at both  :)