Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lent and other stuff

1.  The 55 day fasting/lent started on Monday.   On Sunday I took about 30 min to plan out a vegan menu for the next 2 months.   DH and my mom are following the fast and there will not be any diary, meat, fish or eggs for them.   I have never fasted before, as children my mom did not allow us to fast but as an adult with all my health complication and spiritually weakness I never did follow lent.   Since given my digestive issues I don't think I can last long so I have decided I will only be giving up meat.   It is going to be hard since I eat meat at least 3-4 times a week.   No meat while on gluten free diet should be interesting.  On Sunday we went out to our favorite restaurant for one last pre lent meal and it was wonderful to be out and enjoy good food and weather with DH and baby.

2.  This past week I have been thinking a lot of my back/pelvic pain.  The last few months I felt better but this time it has returned in full force.  All week I couldn't only accomplish one task at a time and would have to lye down to rest my back.   Even after peeing I would have to rest for a few minutes. Sitting on a chair for more than 5-10 min is unthinkable.  Today AF showed up and hopefully the increased pain is just due to AF and once she is gone I can go back to my normal.  My normal is pain on a daily bases that I can ignore and massage away with hot showers.     I don't know how to live happily with chronic pain.  I have accepted it to some extent but not fully.  Even my husband doesn't understand at times.  If it wasn't for the blog world and reading about people who go through this day in day out I would feel even more lonely than how I feel right now.   Sometimes I tell my mom I am going upstairs for a few minutes to get something just so that I can lye down and stretch out my back.  When the pain gets really bad I get migraine like headache, my vision is compromised and I feel like I am going to lose it. 

3. Hopefully AF will show up in the next couple of days.  If that is the case I will start the progestrone/estradiol after ovulation starting next cycle.    I will do this for the next two month and go back the Napro Dr. for cycle review.   TTC is going very slowly and I am not rushing and obsessing about it since I just don't have the energy to do so.   However it still stinks to see AF.  I did not get a good night sleep as I was cramping half the night.  I turned on the TV this morning and it happened to be on the baby story channel :(, not something I want to watch on the day AF shows up.

4. We had a good spring like weather over the weekend and it was wonderful.   I am so excited for some warm weather and sunlight.  If only my back cooperates so we can do stuff out doors.  Our life is so sedatery.  DH usually comes home and we are in front of the TV after dinner or playing with MH.   This will have to change.  Even though I can't do much physically I will have to make sure we do something.  I don't want to be stuck in the house all day.  It was OK when I was working since I am exhausted by the time I come home or the weekend is usually taken up with me trying to recovery from the week but now that I am home I need to be out of the house regularly.

5. We took MH to a really nice library on Sat.  She is a little more hyper than most kids her age.  She walks in and says hi to everyone that goes by her.   She run around the children for about 20 min.  She was just excited to see kids and she was grinning ear to ear.  She is a little young for such outing, may be in a few mounts she will be ready to sit still for at least 10 min.