Saturday, December 19, 2015

Gone too long

It's been a while since my last post. To be truthful I am just lazy and plus there is nothing interesting to write about.  I joined Twitter last summer and has found it to be useful in sharing my daily struggle with chronic pain and endometriosis so I have been spending more time there.   When I first joined it was kind of depressing to see so many young women struggling daily with endometriosis and chronic pain.  At the time even though I talked about chronic illness I haven't accepted that this is where I am at with my illness. I thought somehow I was going to overcome it and be normal and that is just not happening.  So now it is about acceptance, management and finding a new normal.

I am blogging at 6am in the morning.  Normally I am never up before 8am but we have all been sick the last 10 days and it has been hard on my little girl.  It started out as a cold and she is so congested that sleeping has become a challenge.  Now she has sinus and ear infection.  She saw her Doc yesterday who suggested we hold off giving her antibiotics for a few days to see if the congestion resolve on its own. To make it complicated we are going home for 3wks and scheduled to fly on Friday.  It's a 15h flight and she has to get better before that so fingers crossed that all goes well.

Preparing for vacation was going smooth until all the sickness derailed it for over a week and I am now left to do all that needs to be done.   The Endo pain is at a minimum this week so that helps.  My fatigue has also improved the last few months so that is a plus.  Hopefully all will go smoothly.

Have a merry Christmas an a Happy New Year.