Sunday, December 28, 2014


It has been a while since I blogged.  Just stepped away from blogging life to enjoy the holidays.

For Thanksgiving I prepped and cooked over two days.   Right before the family arrived I was in so much pain I had to lay down and hide in my bedroom for about 30 min.  My two sisters who are going through some problems decided not to join us and I was very hurt.  It wasn't like they had somewhere to go.  I could have just made it simple and had an easy Thanksgiving with just my husband and toddler MH.   But I wanted to make a good meal for the family and for us to get together and enjoy a meal specially for my sisters who are at a low point in their lives.   I tried to be understanding but with all the pain and fatigue I was a little emotional  but put is aside and had a good time with the people present.   The next day I was on the couch the whole day recovering. 

We spent Christmas afternoon with DH side of the family and it was a lot of fun.  Toddler MH being 3 is now in to gifts.  This is the first Christmas where she actually understood & enjoyed receiving gifts; any time her name was called she marched to Santa to accept her gift.   Since we don't see DH side of the family often it was nice to touch base and just hang out. 

On TTC front I had two normal 28 day cycles with normal flow which made me very happy.  Yes after a year or so of very light cycles I am seeing normal bleeding.  I think it may have to do with a combination of Raspberry leaf tea and pycnogenol that I have been taking for the last six months or so.   It gradually increased in flow over the 6 months period, but it looks like every two cycles it goes back to being 40 day cycle.   Right now I am on cd30 or so and a few days post ovulation.   So I am going to get my lining checked again. 

I saw my Thyroid doctor last month and we are going to half the NDT and add 5 mg of T3.  I haven't been tolerating T3 while on NDT.  I haven't adjusted the dose yet, I wanted to enjoy the holidays in peace and will experiment with the new dose.  I am also going to try LDN once the thyroid hormone dosage is sorted out.  We shall see. 

As usual next Wednesday is our Christmas and I don't plan to invite any one.   We may go to see my aunt or just stay home.