Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick Takes

1. I am now seeing the fetal specialist Dr. twice a week to check blood flow to the baby. Every two weeks baby is measured. Yesterday she measured 4lb 4oz, still small but gained about 9 oz in two weeks, still on the low side of gain. I am a little freaked out by what the cause of growth restriction but hoping I go full term so she can get a little bigger. I am hoping she gains at least 2lb in the last 4wks. Hoping that all goes well when she arrives.

2. Eating constantly have been a challenge since I am limited to what I can eat but I am really trying. Plus I don't crave much of anything except bread which I can't have.

3. I am so excited that my due date is coming soon and I am also nervous. I am so lucky to have my mother staying with me for a few months. She may also end up taking care of the baby for a few months after I go back to work.

4. I am struggling to focus at work; I am all geared up for a baby and not very motivated to go above and beyond for my job. I have a few deadlines that I need to meet before I go on maternity leave plus hire for a temp position to replace me, haven’t put that much effort in to that either.

5. Physical I am doing well, a lot better than a few weeks ago. I just can't believe how easy this pregnancy has been.

6. We have bought all the essentials but still need a few things so one more trip to the store is necessary. We also need to clean up our house and put everything in order.

7. Sorry this post is all about baby, I can't think of anything else right now.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Slowly Approaching

My due date is slowly approaching, only a little over 5wks to go and that is if I make it that far.
My last scan showed all is good, baby is still small but growing. She hasn't turn head down yet and the technician had a nerve to say "this looks like a C-section baby". The scan was at 34wks, what makes her think that the baby would not turn over the next 6wks. I just ignored her comment. I hate people throwing the C-section word as if it is nothing and the normal thing to do. If baby doesn't turn by 36/37 wks I will attempt the exercise that they recommend on some of the birthing books I bought.

Walking has been challenging and I am starting to wobble but for the most part it is my knees and my soles that are hurting.

My co-workers had a baby shower for me, it was really nice. A few people know our struggle with infertility and the messages on the cards were so touching and it makes me happy that people are really excited for us. We got a lot of cloth and some big items. I still have a few items to buy, sheets for the co-sleeper and a few minor things but we have all the essentials now.
Sometimes I think of this blessing and remember where we were last year when I was having a hard time recovering from surgery. I thank God ever day for this experience.

I see the excitement on DH's face and it just makes me even happier. He is going to be a great dad.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Quick Takes

I don't think I have ever done quick takes but I will attempt
1. I read a fiction a month ago worth mentioning incase anyone is interested, my Dr. suggested it. It is "Cut.tting for S.tones" by Abr.aham V.ergh.ese. I may be a little biased since the story is set in my home country but I loved it.

2. My routine these days have been to come home and sit on a couch for a couple of hours until my hubby comes home to give me dinner. I am loving the special treatment I am getting.

3. Hips are starting to hurt but I am amazed how easy this pregnancy has been so far.

4. My biggest fear is the endometriosis coming back to haunt me after birth. I cannot imagine being in that kind of pain and emotional anguish. I feel like I am asking to much from God after all the blessing, my recent prayer have been please God cure me from this disease. I can't imagine dealing with it again.

7. My family threw me a baby shower last week. We mostly got money and a few items. We still have not bought anything for the baby yet. We are going to buy the essentials this weekend.
8. Every time I see hubby I get giggle, I am thrilled that he is going to be a father. Wow, that was my worst fear and the most painful to think that hubby might never be able to be a father.

9. I have been feeling sad and have cried a number of times. My sister passed away in early 2010, she was my closest sibling and she will never see me pregnant or with a baby. Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night and started crying, I will have to grief the loss of sharing this experience with her. During our infertile years she always said it will happen for us and supported us in every possible way. I miss her so much.

I should stop here, crying again.

Praying for all of you who are still waiting for your blessing.