Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick Takes

1. I am now seeing the fetal specialist Dr. twice a week to check blood flow to the baby. Every two weeks baby is measured. Yesterday she measured 4lb 4oz, still small but gained about 9 oz in two weeks, still on the low side of gain. I am a little freaked out by what the cause of growth restriction but hoping I go full term so she can get a little bigger. I am hoping she gains at least 2lb in the last 4wks. Hoping that all goes well when she arrives.

2. Eating constantly have been a challenge since I am limited to what I can eat but I am really trying. Plus I don't crave much of anything except bread which I can't have.

3. I am so excited that my due date is coming soon and I am also nervous. I am so lucky to have my mother staying with me for a few months. She may also end up taking care of the baby for a few months after I go back to work.

4. I am struggling to focus at work; I am all geared up for a baby and not very motivated to go above and beyond for my job. I have a few deadlines that I need to meet before I go on maternity leave plus hire for a temp position to replace me, haven’t put that much effort in to that either.

5. Physical I am doing well, a lot better than a few weeks ago. I just can't believe how easy this pregnancy has been.

6. We have bought all the essentials but still need a few things so one more trip to the store is necessary. We also need to clean up our house and put everything in order.

7. Sorry this post is all about baby, I can't think of anything else right now.

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  1. Oh that sounds so scarey! I hope she gains weight SOON! And, I'm sure you're way more of an expert than I am, but my MIL makes "bread" out of non-wheat flour... she has a hand grinder and will grind up dry beans, or millet, or even quinoa really fine until it looks like regular flour and then she makes breads with it. It's not quite like the real thing, but close enough if it's all you can have. I'm sure you already know how to do it and have tips from the gluten free sites. Just feeling for you. Good luck to you at work. I'm much the same, can't focus on doing anything. Blah. Hope you can get it all done in time, and SO glad your mom is there with you! :)