Friday, July 29, 2011

All the eating paid off

I had an ultrasound this morning. I am always tense before ultrasounds. It’s been two weeks since the last measurement where we were told baby girl was too small and measuring a week behind. I ate like crazy and gained at least 3lb over the two weeks.

At 31wk 3d she is a little over 3lb, she gained a full lb over the last two week. I am over the moon that this is going well. I don't care how much weight I gain at this point, I am just going to keep snacking away. I have less than 9 wks to go and I am getting nervious.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

31 wks

I am 31wks today. Wow, time flies. This week is the first time I felt really tired and slow to the bones. My hips and knees hurt and the fact that I haven’t walked much due to the heat wave the last few weeks doesn't help.
Since I couldn't do the 3h glucose test I have been monitoring my glucose level. It doesn't look too good, the highest has been 210, cut off is at 135 after a meal. Since i am on a gluten free diet I don't eat a lot of carbs so the change is not a big deal for me but it still takes away a few things that I have been enjoying. No rice, sweetened yogurt, smoothes with fruit, potatoes etc.
Today I saw my OB, I have gained 6lb in a month, the nonstop snacking is helping. I have a scan on Friday to assess baby's growth, praying that all is good.
I had a conversation with my OB today, just came out and told him that I would like to avoid a c-section unless it is absolutely necessary and also mentioned that I want to avoid being induced if possible. Since I have GD they he will not let me pass the due date if things don't start naturally. I just mentioned it so he knows where I stand. I just hope that baby girl have caught up in growth and all is good.
I mentioned on a previous post that one of my husband cousin and his wife are going through infertility. I suspected it but never asked but finally DH talked to him, I am so glad he did because they are open to try Na.protech. They have been trying for 10 years. Please pray for them.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Keeping Birth in Perspective

This week I have been pre-occupied with birth, I am not particular worried but I am constantly thinking about it. I am 30wks PG now and I tried to register for Bradley birthing class but non close by that was not full so I gave up, my fault, I was late. I have ordered three birthing books and will be reading a lot in the coming weeks. I feel totally not prepared for birth.

A few months ago I was watching a documentary on TV on traveling midwives in E.thiopia that go to remote areas and teach women prenatal and birthing care. During the documentary they had a midwife interview a woman in her mud hut and asked her where she usually give birth. The hut is pretty small and only one room. So the woman gets up and guides the midwife outside and takes her to another little hut where the chickens and animals are kept and says she labors in the main hut and when it is almost time to have the baby she comes to the hen house and give birth on the mud floor so she doesn't mess up the main hut. Every time I think of birth I think of that woman. Being from E.thiopia it touches me close to my heart, she looks like me and talk the same language but our experience are vastly different. Here I am sitting on my recliner reading on natural birth, hospital birth, pain killer, what baby items to buy and so on and it always brings me back to this woman and I say to myself to relax and to think of how lucky I am to have the privilege of better care and multiple options.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Small Baby-worried

Since I threw up the sugar drink at my first 3h test my stomach hasn't been right in the mornings. So I knew if I attempted again most likely I will throw it up. So I called my OB and left a message on what to do but he never got back to me.

Since I have been going to a fetal medicine specialist for a while for my ultrasound I figured I should just continue to go there since it is close to my work and I also think they do a better job. They had told me since I am cleared for complications I can do the ultrasounds at my OB office. Anyhow I had an ultrasound appointment with them this past Friday and I am glad I went to them.

Everything seems to be fine as far as blood flow to the baby, most measurements and physical stuff. They couldn't get a clear picture of baby girl since she had both her hands on her face and didn't want to move it. I was so excited to hear blood flow to the baby was pretty good because that is one thing they said to monitor at the last ultrasound. Baby weight is measuring small for 29wks, she is about a week behind (only 2lb & 4 onces). So when the Dr. came in and started reviewing the finding with me the first thing she said was I have to stop working which kind of caught me off guard. She doesn't want me to be sitting for a long time which affects blood circulation to baby and restrict growth but once I told her that i have not gained much weight over the last 6wks she calmed down a little and said I need to increase my food intake dramatically and I will be watched every week :(. I have been told to cut back my work schedule to 5hs a day and we will see how it goes.

I hope this is a case of not enough calorie intake and not anything else. I know I wasn't eating more than usually but I am not hunger much and the fact that I gained 14lb within 4 month at the beginning made me think I was doing fine.

Since Friday I have been a little piggy eating 5-6 times a day. The Dr. also wants me to start on protein shakes 2 times a day. For now I am just going to try smoothes made with yogurt, milk, fruits and flax seed and see how I do. I hate protein shakes.
I have also been excused from the 3h test and was instead told to monitor my glucose level before and after a meal throughout the next two wks.

I can't believe how time flies, in about 10 wks we will be meeting our baby girl. In the mean praying that all goes well and baby girl starts responding to the increased calorie intake.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Nasty sugar drink

The other day I went to La.bcorp for 3h glucose test and was told I needed an appointment which I made for Sat morning. I fasted for at least 10 hours and was feeling fine besides the hunger pain. It took me less than 5 min to drink the stuff even though it was nasty, can't handle sweet stuff in the morning. All was fine until after 45 min, and all of it came out :(. Glad I had plastic bags in my purse for this purpose because I walked out of the waiting area looking for a restroom and non on the same floor so had to throw up in the hallway.
I was told I need to come back so I made another appointment for next Sat. The drink is awful once it sits in your stomach for a few minutes. I am just hoping that I don't throw it all up again. After the ordel DH took me out for a big breakfast, baby and I were very happy :).

I am starting to eat a little more than usual but it is so hard to find things to snack on when on Gluten free diet. All the snacks I crave involve bread with melted cheese, penut butter, or some kind of spread. After going through a food book at the book store, forgot the title, it says it your great grandmother doesn't reconginze the food you are consuming then don't eat it so I am trying to stick by that mantra since it makes a lot of sense. I don't have to go back to great grandma, my E.thioian grandmother wouldn't recongnize all the process food I cosume.

I have joined a local CSA sharing with a friend of mine and I am a bit disappointed by the amount of produce they give us. We pick our share ever other week but the choices are limited and size very small. I wouldn't mind the limited choice but if you give me kale I don't want something that can only supplement one meal, I want a few bunches. Pluse they seem to harvest some of the produce way to early, like beets, I have never seen beets that small and very bitter.

I don't think it is worth the drive and money spent. I think we are better off buying what we want from a farmers market.

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Friday, July 1, 2011


I failed the first glucose test, bummer :(. I am going to schedule the second one for next week.

I saw my OB early this week after a good 6 wks because I forgot that I had an appointment once and he canceled on me on the second one. Anyhow, he started by asking me if I am still having problems to which I answered what problems? Obviously he doesn't read his chart properly but I had told him that the Fetal medicine Dr. had said I may be in high risk group for preeclampsia based on the low PAPP-A level but that I am doing fine and have no symptoms. My husband said the OB is not attentive and he is disappointed.
He also told me I should have at least two ultrasound between now and birth. Gave me a choice that I can do it at the Fetal medicine Dr. or his office. I prefer the fetal medicine Dr. since they have better equipment and are better trained to handle complications.

I have only gained 0.5lb over the last 6wks so I have been told to up my food in take a little and gain at least 11lb until birth. Most of my weight gain was during the first 14wks. I have only gained 14lb so far.

Praying that I pass the second glucose test. I have been told I need to come in every two weeks for check up, if I fail the second test it would be every week for the next 12 wks.