Monday, May 23, 2011

Feeling Better

After two weeks of what seem like prepregnancy symptoms, i.e migraines, fatigue, and anxious feeling I am back to "normal". After about a week I figured out that the return of these symptoms could be connected to not being on the progesterone shot. About a little over three weeks ago my levels were high enough (56.5 ng/mL) and Dr. S told me that I can stop the shots.
I think my body needed to get used not having the shots and now I am back to feeling better.

People at work ask me how I am feeling on a daily bases and I don't have a reference. I usually tell them better than prepregnancy but people don't understand. They usual wait for the I am tired or my back hurts answer. I really don't have a reference in to how I should be feeling since I felt ill before pregnancy. Now I can walk for longer, sit up straight, less fatigued or tense since I don't have the Endo pain digging inside and it is amazing.

Baby girl is kicking away and I feel her more and more but too early to be seen from outside. I am 22 wks and that is more than half way and I don't know where the time went. I only have four months to go and that is pretty scary and exciting at the same time.

The other day I was watching "Pregnant in America" and it was pretty interesting. It is a little harsh on the current medical system so you have to take it with a grain of salt but has good points on why we have 30% of C-section rate and the widely use of drugs etc. The "at home" births on the movie just makes giving birth so darn easy, I wish I had the guts to do that but I am seriously thinking of refusing epidural unless it becomes unbearable. My mother had eight kids with no drugs and I don't hear her complaining how labor pain was so bad so may be I can do it to, after all my pain threshold is pretty high thanks to Endo.

I took the week off from work and will go on a two day trip but staying in town for the rest and will be spending time with hubby. I really wanted to go to Aruba but just terrified of flying while pregnant. The first trimester bleeding has scared me enough that I just don’t want to take any chances.

I am just so happy to be where we are now and thanking god for the child growing inside of me. I love being pregnant, will see if I feel the same in the third trimester and summer heat :).

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HYPO Again :(

I just want to start by saying that I know how though mother's day was for those who are still waiting. I was there not too long ago and I wish and pray for each one of you that God blesses you with a child.

Since I found out I was pregnant I have been feeling much better than pre-pregnancy as far as energy and over all well being but that seem to be ending. Since last week I have been feeling sluggish and it is getting worse by the day. The tension headaches are back, my back and shoulders are sore and my back feels inflamed. This week the headaches are a little more intense. From what I read headaches during the 2nd trimester are rare and mostly occur during first trimester but I am not normal and I know these things don't apply to me.

I have also experienced some hypoglycemic symptoms. I went to my lovely Dr. who treats my thyroid last Friday and my TSH level is a little high. Mind you it has never been high before so it seem like most likely pregnancy is the cause. My reverse T3 is also a little high which we have seen time and time again so the Dr. increased my T3 medication from 30 mcg to 40 mcg. I don't know if that would do the trick but I hope that would be the fix.

I had some fries at dinner over the weekend and seem to have been glutened. I pretty much convinced my self they are too high end resturant to mix frying oil for fries and other things but I was wrong. For the next two days I had IBS symptoms. Although I am doing OK with my diet of no gluten I have given to the temptation of caffeine and dairy. I crave coffee a lot which is odd because I never drank coffee before except occasionally , like once a week or so. But now just to curb the craving I have a half cup a day with some milk. This could also be contributing to my symptoms so coffee is out starting from today.

Once you test the freedom of feeling OK and not getting up with a stupid headache and feeling foggy on a daily bases, to go back to that is torture. Today I forgot to pack a snack except for some corn chips and by 5 pm my glucose hit bottom because I was shaky and was about to pass out. I shoved the corn chips in my mouth like a maniac and once I calmed a little bit I ran out and drove home.

Did I ever say how much I love my Dr., she is amazing. Last week is the second time that I have seen her since the pregnancy and she is still so excited about the baby. She also said she has added as to her nightly prayer list. I am so blessed to have found someone that is compassionate and able to treat me.

I had my 20 wk ultrasound last week and all looks good. Baby girl was face down so they couldn't get a good picture but that is fine. I have been told that I am at a high risk for Preeclampsia and now I am on a low dose Aspirin. This is because I had a very low PAPP-A level during the 1st trimester screening. I am not going to worry about it at this point.