Friday, April 30, 2010


I have been waiting for the Na.pro Doc. to get back to me on a possible surgery date. The problem is I have been working from home this week because of the pain. Driving is out of the question so I had to stay home. I sent the Dr. my peak date on Wed. and haven't heard from him. I know it is only been a couple of days but I was hoping for the possibility of having the surgery soon. My period will be here on the 2nd/3rd which means I will have to schedule surgery end of next week or early the following week. I ovulate on day 10-12 so preovulatory phase is pretty short which makes it difficult to fit surgery this soon. Just beyond frustrated. I am stuck home on a Friday night watching TV for the million times.

On the positive note at least my job allows me to work from home for a short time so I am Thankful for it.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

On Cycle Front

I had typed out a history of my cycle for the last few years for the new Dr. detailing all my symptoms. I had noted that my cycle is regular 25-28 days for most of these years except when I was on the progesterone cream last fall. The first cycle I started charting using Crei.ghton model my cycle ended up being 31 days. I don't remember the last time I had a 31 day cycle. To top it off I had too much CM on a daily bases which made identifying Peak day challenging. In addition it seemed that I had two peak days, I started to see fertile CM on days 10-12 which is normal for me but then no ovulatory pain, after a few days of non fertile CM I had another Peak day. So it seem like I had a delayed ovulation. My instructor said this happens when people are under stress. Well this throws off my insisting that I have regular 25/27 day cycles so I couldn't make an appointment for the surgery. The Dr. said I need to wait until I had the next Peak day. Same for the hormone profile test, I would have to wait until another full cycle passes.

Everything was off from the norm this past cycle, I don't know where all the CM came from, I was struggling with having too little peak type CM the last few month. This cycle I ovulated on day 10, odd again, usually it happens on day 12. Last cycle and this cycle have been one of the hardest emotionally and physical. I am in pain on a daily bases and the headache seems to stay for good. Can't wait to get the hormone panel test done, it should be an interesting profile.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Update on Dr's Visit

Since I have read experiences of other bloggers that have gone to the Na.pro Dr. I went to I pretty much knew what to expect. Although I waited for almost an hour to see the Dr. I say it was a good visit and I am glad that I made the trip. He took his time to go through all my symptoms and plan of action for the next few months. The actually examination was painful & gross it needed to be done. So as expected I will be having a Laparoscopy surgery in the next few month, I can't wait. I have so much hope riding on this surgery, I want to be pain free even if it is for a short term. I will be doing the hormone panel and other tests starting next cycle. He has also suggested that I see a physical therapist that specializes in Women's health and Pelvic pain. The question now is how do I make it until surgery and other treatment. I am going to try to push for surgery in May but it seem like their schedule is pretty crazy. I can't keep calling in sick at work. Somehow I will have to manage as is for the next couple of months which makes me nervous. But there is hope that I can get some relief here.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Na.pro Doc

Finally it is almost here. I have an appointment on Monday with a Nap.ro Doc. I went to my RE to get a copy of my medical records and he asked me why I was seeing the Napro Dr. He said he checked him out on line and said "he is just another OBGYN". I asked him if he has heard of Nap.rotechnology to which he said no. I was in so much pain from Endo that I didn't have the energy to explain. I would have thought he would at least know Napro.tech existed. I told him that I am willing to try anything to deal with this pain. I was almost in tears, I grabbed my records and walked out as fast as I could. I do like this Dr. but he can't help me, his suggestion is Lup.ron & IVF. He suggested may be it is time for another Laparoscopy to which I thought, the last one you performed didn't get rid of my pain so why bother. I will still go to him for basic OBGYN care since the Nap.ro Dr is a couple of hours away.

On a different note I had an appointment with an Endocrinologist today. I was going to cancel it once I had an appointment with a Narp.Dr but though it is worth one or two visits. After going through my medical history he suggested to run hormone panel on CD1 or 2. I am sure the Nap.ro Dr. will also suggest multiple tests, will have to wait and see how it goes but I need some relief soon.