Saturday, April 24, 2010

On Cycle Front

I had typed out a history of my cycle for the last few years for the new Dr. detailing all my symptoms. I had noted that my cycle is regular 25-28 days for most of these years except when I was on the progesterone cream last fall. The first cycle I started charting using Crei.ghton model my cycle ended up being 31 days. I don't remember the last time I had a 31 day cycle. To top it off I had too much CM on a daily bases which made identifying Peak day challenging. In addition it seemed that I had two peak days, I started to see fertile CM on days 10-12 which is normal for me but then no ovulatory pain, after a few days of non fertile CM I had another Peak day. So it seem like I had a delayed ovulation. My instructor said this happens when people are under stress. Well this throws off my insisting that I have regular 25/27 day cycles so I couldn't make an appointment for the surgery. The Dr. said I need to wait until I had the next Peak day. Same for the hormone profile test, I would have to wait until another full cycle passes.

Everything was off from the norm this past cycle, I don't know where all the CM came from, I was struggling with having too little peak type CM the last few month. This cycle I ovulated on day 10, odd again, usually it happens on day 12. Last cycle and this cycle have been one of the hardest emotionally and physical. I am in pain on a daily bases and the headache seems to stay for good. Can't wait to get the hormone panel test done, it should be an interesting profile.

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