Friday, August 6, 2010

If One More Dr....

When I went to the emergency room a week after my surgery the blood test showed that I had elevated liver enzymes. My primary Dr. told me to come back in a few weeks to retest. So this afternoon I went. The last time I saw her was for a general checkup 6 months ago. I have been seeing this doctor for more than 8 years. So I told her the last few months ordeal, telling her about my debilitating Endo pain, migraine like headaches and all that came with it before my surgery. This is a woman that knows I have had constant fatigue off and on since I have been seeing her due to low iron, recurring H. P.ylori infections, Endo etc.

After she took my blood she said I have a story to tell you and goes in to telling me about her cousin who was complaining for years of fatigue and generally not feeling well. She said she always thought the woman was making things up and just being a spoiled princess :). So this cousin donates her kidney to her husband and after recovery she said she has never felt better. Can you believe the nerve of this woman. So she is indirectly telling me that I am a big complainer that I should get over it. I wanted to say may be she needed one less kidney to feel better. May be I need to give away a Kidney to stop complaining :). After years of Doctors telling me that I am a big baby for complaining about PMS, period cramps, pelvic pain etc. she adds to the pain. I simply said glad it all worked out for your cousin and walked out. All I wanted for her is to do the stupid blood test and nothing else knowing that she can't do anything for me.

If one more Dr. tells me to get over it I am going to lose it and start cursing.

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