Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Since my DH left my Mom has been staying with me. I am so grateful that I have her around. She has been feeding me constantly. She has worked very hard all her life raising eight kids. She has issues with having other people do things for her. She gets up early and is on her feet all day accomplishing random tasks.
I am so different in many ways. I am not an early person, at times lazy, hate to clean and have no passion for the sewing, gardening and multiple other thing she does. She has been the rock of our family. I wish it is the other way around, me doing the taking care of. Sometimes it makes me sad that I can't do the simple things I need to do for her. These couple of weeks I have needed her more than anything. Work is taking a toll on me and I have no energy to do anything. I am not in the best of mood either so having her around helps. I pray that some day I will be strong enough to take care of her when she needs me.

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