Sunday, August 15, 2010


I found a pain management Dr. who incorporates acupuncture and massage therapy in the treatment. My first appointment was yesterday and I left very happy. The appointment lasted about 1.5hours. First they treated my lower back with some massage and then I was off to acupuncture to treat my neck, head, upper back and abdominal area. Then it followed with 30 min of deep back massage which left me totally relaxed. Of course the deep massage was my favorite part. I went in with the most horrible headache and it lifter a little bit after my treatment. Every muscle hurt during the massage. I got home, ate lunch and took a 2h nap. All in all a good day. I even had some energy at the end of the day to make it to the mall. I am loving this place and to top it off they take my insurance and are a 10 min drive from my home. I made an appointment for next Sat morning, this will be my Sat morning ritual for a few months, couldn't be more happy.

The Dr. who was doing the acupuncture told me I have very low energy and he asked me if cloudy/rainy days affect me; right on the money. I do much better on sunny days, yesterday was cloudy and driving to the Dr's office was painful. He told me to do some Yoga and aerobic exercise.

On other news, Dr. S office will be sending me instructions to do the blood hormonal test starting next cycle. However they informed me that the Saliva test kit will take three weeks before they can send it to me. Apparently they still don't have the kits in the office.
I made an appointment with the Dr. who treats adrenal/thyroid issues but they don't have any opening until the end of Sep. So back to more waiting.

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  1. I'm sorry that you're still having to wait for the saliva and hormonal test. However I am thrilled that you found a great doctor to help you with the pain. That's something positive to hang on to!