Friday, September 3, 2010

Cycle Update

Today is CD26 and I have had cramps for four days now. I started spotting today which makes my luteal phase only 11 days so not much improvement in that department. However this looks like it is going to be a 28 day cycle which makes me happy, I hate those short cycles. The constant cramping have been driving me crazy all week and I am taking Ty.lenol which doesn't really help fully. Aspirin irritates my stomach so I am trying not to take it.

Work has been crazy this week with back to back meetings all day long for three days. There is nothing frustrating than sitting among men while you are having raging PMS and cramps. I felt like kicking each one of them because they will never experience what I am going through. On one of our all day meetings lunch was provided and of course I had to take my own lunch knowing that everything will have gluten. There was also a desert tray which was brought to the meeting room after lunch that was staring at me the whole afternoon. I resisted the tray but gave in and got a bar of chocolate from a vending machine.

I have been feeling a little sorry for myself these couple of days. A friend of my husband who got married around the same time as us already has two kids. Relatives and friends are announcing pregnancies left and right. Oh such as life, the struggle goes on. Nothing on TTC front for us since we are on a break until I get some help for my thyroid/adrenal hormone issues.

Happy Three Day Weekend.


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  1. Ugh! Lingering pain is just the worst! I hate it when the suffering is drawn out. I hope relief comes soon.