Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Stuff

I have my appointment with Dr. C on Friday and I can't wait. As bad as it sounds I have been praying for some of the result to be abnormal. Something has to get fixed.

My friend at work told me she is pregnant. I am a little envious but so excited for her. I am doing better with this kind of news. I can't get upset over other peoples happy announcements. My time will come some day.

I am doing the cycle long hormonal blood work. The lab is a 5-10 min drive from my job so not too bad. The other day I asked them to take blood from my right arm, usually I give my left, the next day I have this big purple bruise. I guess for now the left arm will have to do. I have about 6 days of testing and I should be done so not to bad.

I told Dr. S that my other Dr. ordered the Saliva Adrenal testing and if he can use the result instead of doing another one from his office. He said he will have to see the result first before deciding.

On the issue of our infertility DH seem to have no interest to dwell or discuss it much. He is fully on board with the Na.pro approach but is not obsessively thinking about it. He is more about seeing me healthy and the TTC is secondary. I hate the fact that I am the one who always bring up the subject for discussion on plans etc. I think since I have been blogging and reading blogs I have decreased my constantly bringing up our situation. Blogging definitely does give me some outlet. He also doesn't think we should be avoiding TTC while we wait to correct my hormonal issues. I think deep down he thinks it won't happen so why put the effort of avoiding sex :).

I am a little depressed about summer ending. I have winter with passion. I love Xmas holidays but I hate the locomotion that goes on in malls.

Hopefully this year will end with some happy moments. Its been one sad heart breaking year for me, with death in the family, constant pain and multiple other health issues. Hoping that the last three month of 2010 will treat me kindly.

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  1. I'm so not ready for winter! I love the summer, love being warm. I enjoy fall - the clothes, the feel of the air, leaves falling (except raking them sucks). But winter? Not so much. Depressing. Maybe it'll be better this year since I'll finally be able to absorb all the Vit. D I've been taking and hopefully I won't get the winter blues :).
    And girl, I'm with you on hating the holiday hoopla! DH and I try and stay out of the malls from November to after New Year. What a mess!