Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Progress-far from it

So I have been taking the prescribed meds for three days and I am not doing good. I feel like it lifted the fogginess but my mood is not good. I am very anxious in the morning and feel like I am going crazy literally. I have anxiety issues to start with but the last few days have been worse. The severity of anxious feeling also depends on what day of cycle but post ovulation I should be doing OK but I am not. The Cy.mb.alta is suppose to help with anxiety and also pain but I don't know weather it is the T.3 or the cy.mba.lta that is exaggerating my symptoms. It may be that my body just needs to get used to the meds. I have also been good taking the supplements except the iron which I take ever other day since it makes me feel nasty.

What is going in my head right now is weather I should drop everything, all meds except the T.3 and stay home and try to recovery. But staying home is out of the question for me, I wouldn't know what to do with myself all day. My job is not that stressful. I have been at the same job for a long time. Part of the reason I never changed jobs is due to my health issue. I am always saying that I need to figure out what is going on with my health before I move to the next challenging job. But the time never comes, it is one thing after another.

Sorry to rant and for my sour mood. I just can't burden my DH with all this on a constant bases so I need to let it out some where. At least the weather is wonderful out here and I took a walk this afternoon.

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