Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today is CD1. 26 day cycle, better than the 23/24 day cycles I used to have due to early ovulation. However I started spotting on CD21 which makes my LP only 6 days and that has me worried and depressed. The spotting went away after a day and came back as brown stuff a few days later. I also have had cramps since CD21 off and on which is really annoying.

I finished the cycle long hormonal test but my appointment with Dr. S is not until Nov. I am so curious to see the post peak hormonal profile.

I am talking the T.3 only, haven't seen any major changes yet, it is only been a week since I started.

I have also been thinking about quitting my job but first I want to see if the T.3 and supplements have any effect on my health. My job is not that stressful but recently I haven't been enjoying the negative environment that I am used to when the end of year comes. Once I see what Dr. S has for me treatment wise I am going to think this through and may take 6 month off. It will hurt financially but it may just be what I need.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the cramping. :-( Hope AF goes by quickly. It will be interesting to see your results with the new meds. Hope they're good. The 6-month break sounds good too. It may just be what you need mentally and physically after what you've been going through! Sometimes it's important to put yourself first. I wish you all the best!