Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off the Couch

I have been told countless times by Drs and family members that I need to be physical active for my own good. For as long as I remember I have made countless exercise schedules since I was in my early 20s and have not been able to keep it up for more than 2-4 weeks. When I started the Gluten free diet I feared that I would fall off the wagon too. However, I have been pretty amazed on how well I have done in the last 1.5 years on GF diet. I have not given in to the temptation of bread and pastries not even once. Not only GF, I have given up most processed foods, caffeine and sugar with little difficulties. So why can't I stick to an exercise regime? I guess part of it is that I am always tired but I know this is not an excuse. However, during the years when I didn't know I had Endometriosis a 30 min work out will leave my back in such a state that I disliked going to the gym. My recent plan was to walk for 30 min every other day and I probably have done it may be 4 times in the last 2 months. For some reason there is always an excuse for why I can not get off the couch and start moving. Any one reading please suggest any ideas that helped you stick to a schedule. We are not talking about hard core exercise here since my body can not handle any strenuous work out at this point.


  1. I totally understand your battle with exercise. My solution was to get my husband to be my workout buddy. It's much harder to find an excuse not to go when you have a partner to answer to. When I'm lazy, he will give me a push, and when he wants to slack off, I'll be the one egging him on. It's still a battle though. We're barely making it twice a week. Three times a week is a real stretch for us. Hope you find a workout buddy. It really helps with the discipline aspect of exercise!

  2. Hi!

    i am fighting this same battle. I am so tired that excercise is like this big mountain that is impossible to climb.

    2 things have worked very well for me in the past and that I am trying to incorporate back are:
    Doing excercise really fun. I found NIA to be great. I bought on Amazon the videos and they have been my constant companions. What I like is that is dancing but you can adjust it to your level and I can free dance some parts and nobody can see me =)
    Or dance to latin rythms. Works everytime and you get an amazing workout and you do not have to be perfect.
    The other is to pack my things for the gym and always leave my bag in the car, I just take my clothes out and the in the morning put new in. I then have no excuses to go to the gym.

  3. Thanks guys for the ideas. Martha I like the idea of getting my grove on in my own house to my favorite music.