Monday, October 11, 2010

Cycle Update Plus

Today is CD12 and for the last couple of cycles I have managed to ovulate CD13/14 and had fertile CM for about 6 days on average. This cycle I saw fertile CM for three days until Sat and bam it was all gone. On Sat I went to my regular session of therapy (massage & acupuncture). Usually the treatments are geared to relieve pain but I asked the acupuncturist to focus on fertility. By Sunday all of the CM was gone. Interesting, could the acupuncture treatment be the cause? Just puzzled.
Its been 3 month since my surgery and I am getting a little anxious about TTC. I don't want to wait any longer on the fear of the Endometriosis returning and clogging my tubes and God knows what else. But I also know that hormonally my body is not ready and I should wait until I see Dr. S. in November. I can not wait for months for treatment follow ups so I am going to push Dr. S to be a little aggressive. Since I went to Dr. S when I was in pain I had told him that my primary focus was to relieve the pain but now that the pain is manageable we will have to focus on fertility.
During the last 2.5 years of trying I have gone through a lot of emotions from anger, panic, frustration, desperation and total feeling of helplessness. Going through this moments have got me to where I am now. I am at peace the majority of the time. However, I think DH hasn't allowed himself to feel. He is the opposite of me and has a lot of patience and optimistic outlook. In his mind we haven't tried long enough and that it will happen. He avoids the emotional stresses some how and sometimes it is frustrating to me. Part of it is since I was a total mess at some point he wanted to be the stronger partner. I have minimized discussion of our infertility and I want him to bring it up when he is comfortable. Plus I think I am pretty much done talking about it. I have thought about Adaption in the long run if things don't work for us but DH is not even close to being ready for that discussion.

T3 therapy is helping me some. I still have moments of fatigue but the hypoglycemic symptoms are gone and I feel like i don't have to run to eat my lunch within a few hours of eating breakfast. it is so freeing not to be worried about eating every couple of hours.

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  1. Oh no! Our bodies are such a mystery sometimes! Hope this is just one of those odd weird cycles!

    Open constant communication is always good, even though we don't feel like it sometimes. It's important to always know where the other spouse stands on important matters. I totally understand how upsetting it is when your husband is unable to relate to your frustrations. I hope he is willing to listen and empathize with you. It's good that he is optimistic though. At least you don't have to shoulder the burden of two people's disappointments or grief.

    I am thrilled to hear that the T3 therapy is helping you. That's wonderful! Yay!