Wednesday, October 27, 2010

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Waring TMI :)

So CD1 was on Sunday. I had the mild cramps and light bleeding. The next day very little bleeding. Usually CD2 is mid-heavy bleeding for me. I actually went to buy pads on CD2 morning which I ended up not needing. Most likely I may have not ovulated this past cycle since I saw fertile CM for only three days and by day 11 it has disappeared. I guess I will have to go back using OPK just to see what my next few cycles will do. I was excited that I ovulated on day 13/14for the last couple of month but this month cycle was short.

Any how have any of you noticed that during your period you see bits of dark tissue, not dark blood or clot but dark small slipper tissue like a scar is coming off? I have noticed it multiple times since my first surgery. This worries me, could my uterus be full of scars. I have had polyps removed during my first surgery but Dr. S found nothing during the second surgery.

I have a follow up appointment with Dr. S on Monday to go over the cycle long hormonal profile. He also tested thyroid and will suggest T.3 I am sure but I am already taking it. I also want to do an ultrasound serious to determine weather I am actually ovulating.

Recently I have been thinking a lot more about our TTC journey. I have never been pregnant except may be once where my period was late a few days and I passed one giant clot. When I say giant I mean as big as my fist. That day I was so tired I slept for 13 hours straight. I get the feeling it might have been a very early miscarriage. Besides that no pregnancy to speak of. I have a number of things that need fixing

1. Short cycles
2. Spotting prior to AF
3. Continuous CM, checked for infection that came up negative
4. Multiple vitamin & mineral deficiencies
5. Hormonal issues: low thyroid, progesterone and god knows what else
6. Endo and possiblly cysts

Each have to be treated before we can conceive a baby. However the fixing has to happen fast. Being in my mid 30s I am not getting younger and things will probably get worse with age. So while Dr. S deals with the hormonal aspect I am trying to figure out weather I should get my immune system checked. DH also needs to get his guys checked. When we first went to an RE and he did an SA for DH twice both times the motility was low. However a few month later he was checked by another Dr. again and all came back normal. I have a feeling that there might be a mild issue there. It took 8 years for DH MOM to concieve him, since those where the good old days we don't know if the issue was his Mom or Dad.

I am going to give a year for treatment and if nothing happens then that is it. We will have to call it quits.


  1. I've had some scar tissue pass after a D&C, but only for the first like 5 or 6 weeks. If you're still having things like that, then I'd definitely talk to your doc about it. I have low thyroid...specifically Hashimoto's. Speaking of doing an immune system check... have they ever checked you for Hashi's? It's auto-immune thyroid, totally trashes fertility, and causes miscarriage. All it takes is a simple blood test for thyroid antibodies. I'm also in my mid-30's with PCO and some other odd and sundry issues. Some days I swear I can hear my ovarian "clock" ticking down like a time bomb. These eggs don't stay good forever!!! Haha. Hope you feel better soon. :)

  2. Hi Rachel, You should definitely ask your doctor about the dark tissue during your period. He might be able to give you some answers.

    I say just charge ahead and fix everything you see that can be fixed. According to TCM, there really isn't an expiry date for eggs. As long as you have them, all you need is a healthy body to provide a nourishing environment for them to grow and mature. That is why my dr's 45 yr old patient managed to conceive naturally even after being infertile for 8 years! So don't give up hope just yet!

  3. Thanks you ladies for your feedbacks.
    Coco, yes I did get checked for anti-thyroid antibodies and results were negative.
    Like Zengirl said TCM says that eggs don't get old and it is the hormonal system that changes with age that fails to trigger the egg on what to do.
    All I know is right now I have one wonky reproductive system that is doing me no good :). I have read on IF blogs about Dr. T.oth in NY who believes that some cases of infertility are caused by bacterial infections. We are thinking of going up there to get checked over X.mas breaks if they can see me then.