Tuesday, November 2, 2010

N.apro Dr. Visit Update

I had my appointment with Dr. S yesterday. First of all as much as I respect and love that man for helping me with my issues I have to say he moves slow. I waited for more than an hour to see him. This is my 5th visit and each time I have been there there is at least 1h wait. I waited in the examination room for more than 25 min, I should have known better and taken my husband in there with me. However it was all worth it.

We went over the cycle long hormonal result. Here are my numbers

Pre-peak Estradiol (ng/dL): CD7 (10.0), CD10 (27.4), CD11 (25.3), CD13 (14.1), CD15 (10.3)-normal range, he said he liked to see it around 25 at its highest

Post Peak
Estradiol: P+3 (9.8), P+5 (12.8), P+7 (11.4), P+10(6.2), P+11(4.9): low
Progesterone (ng/mL): P+3 (11.2), P+5 (8.7), P+7 (7.6), P+10(3.9), P+11(2.7): very low

TSH: 1.32 mIU/mL, LH 4.8 mIU/mL, LH/FSH 0.7, Free T4 1 ng/dL, Prolactin 7.2
All within the normal range.

So I have been diagnosed with Type II L.uteal Phase defect which I knew already because of early spotting etc. He also went over the Adrenal hormone testing that I did with my other Dr. where the evening level was low but all others were within range. He still felt that I have some degree of Adrenal fatigue and should be on HC to correct it. My other Dr. said it is within the normal range and she won't treat it even if the evening level was below detection limit. Dr. S prescribed progesterone and estradiol after ovulation
starting on P+3. I am also suppose to take HC 4X a day. I really thought that the esradiol levels will also be abnormal since I get migraines and foggy head preovulatory but it doesn't seem like it. Hoping the HC will take care of that. Oh yeah and I am suppose to put the progesterone in my you know what instead of taking it orally. Not looking forward to it.

We have been given the green light to TTC. I have an appointment with my other Dr. who prescribed T.3 on Friday to discuss where my thyroid hormone levels are after a month of treatment.

I know that these treatments are not a true fix for the problem and are meant to help alleviate my symptoms and also possible help with implantation if everything else happens the way it suppose to. So my next quest is why do I have this condition and how can it be corrected so that my body can produce sufficient amount of the hormones with no help.


  1. Given the green light:) Yay! I can't wait for that. You are one step ahead. Keep your head high!

  2. I think they are a true fix for your problem....

    In my experience...Remember no two thyroids are alike...hahahaha You have one I do not....hahahaha In need a disclaimer. :)

    But in talking with my doctor he said it was actually something in the brain that did not spark the adrenals to do what they were supposed too...So that basically starts the break down....

    Adreanls run the thyroid, thyroid runs the hormones. And really anything to fix the symptoms and take away those headaches is enough.

    I actually would get real foggy around ovulation too with lots of headaches and my estrogen wasn't that bad off, though I have always had low estrongen & low progesterone...So I wonder how many of the symptoms came from low thyroid and weak adrenals....I'm putting my money there. ;)

    I really think you are on the right track here....

    A couple things to keep in mind...When you do get pregnant and this protocol works, I would definitely be asking all doctors involved will you be taking me off the HC during pregnant and will you be taking me off the T3 at any time....I would suspect that there is a possibility your issues will return when taken off the meds.

    I would definitely fight to stay on all protocol if you can....20mgs of HC is nothing and I would beg plead and borrow to not be off of it.. :)

    If I were you I would be completely satisfied with your treatment and protocol. :)

  3. Oh and I love GF & the chef! I found on her website when I clicked from yours homemade oreos! GIRL! I want homemade oreos and I have all the ingredients! I have no car today, it's in the shop. ;) :( So I might be making homemade oreos...

  4. Sew you are hilarious :). I know your thyroid issues are on a different level. Thanks for making me feel better. I like the sentence where you started "when you get pregnant.." not if. I am hoping and praying you are right and this will be my true fix. I am really excited to start the HC and I don’t even like medications.
    Yeah I like the GF girl too. Homemade GF Oreos sound delicious. Sew and baby will be very happy :)

    Thanks for the great advice.