Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thyroid Dr. Update

I had a follow up with my Dr. who prescribed the T.3 for my Thyroid. After a month on the medication and vitamins my free T.3 levels are increasing but still not high enough. In addition the selenium, B12, folic acid and iron storage levels are still not in the normal range. So she increased the dosage for both T.3 and vitamins. I am responding to the therapy since in most cases levels are increasing based on treatment. My reverse T.3 is also has gone down a little. In regards to the HC that Dr. S prescribed 4X a day she adjusted that a little bit saying that I should take more of it in the morning and less at night to mimic the natural cortisol level. So I will be taking 10mg in the morning, 7.5 mg mid day and 2.5 mg before bed. That makes a lot of sense. What I love about this Dr. is that she is open to Dr. S treatment and interested in his suggestion etc. I have been taking the vitamins at mid day since it is less harsh on my stomach after a large meal but now that the dosage has gone up I will have to take some of it in the morning. I have to be thinking of a filling breakfast than the one fried egg I eat normally. It is just so hard to plan for breakfast when on GF and low sugar.

I haven't felt any different since I started HC but it is only been three days.

On cycle news today is CD14 and I had a good six days of fertile CM and it looks like I ovulated yesterday/today so that is good. Dr. S said that my preovulatory phase looks good.

Can't wait for a hormonal balanced me :)


  1. That sounds great! Yummy T3, sounds like you have some good treatment going on over there! :)

    I agree with the higher doses of cortisol in the morning...I need them high in the morning and afternoon...Shoot I even need them moderately high in the evening to sleep through the night...hahahaha

    There is some great GF Udi's bread out there that can help, I also got Kozy Shack rice pudding(not the greatest but better with honey) to take before I take my meds...But I'm not on vitamins that upset my stomach, just the cortisol gives me heartburn.

    Can you take your vitmains at night with dinner? B12 I've read can make you tired so taking that before bed is good. For some reason if you are already low on it...Is it sublingual, I just pop mine in before bed...

    The cortisol will help with ovulation too.... ;)

    I can't wait for a hormonal balanced you either! I hope it does the trick!

    Are you feeling better on the T3? :)

  2. Sew, I will try the GF Udi bread but I am not a fun of puddings :). I actually baked a GF bread this weekend using almond, teff, rice flour.
    Yes the T3 has helped me some, I no longer feel like I am about to die in the mornings. It also helped with the hypo symptoms and the foggness but I still have some ways to go to feeling great.

  3. That's great...Do they also keep an eye on the T4 as well...I've noticed that when that is tanked for me I feel awful too....But I don't know how it works with a thyroid.

    It's a slow process....I hope it's level enough for you to not be a jackhammer. :)