Sunday, November 21, 2010

HC Rocks

AF final is on her way out so I am excited to get some relief.

Thanks to HC I have been feeling and sleeping a lot better. I even had energy to go out to a friends engagement party which lasted until 2 am in the morning. Yes, me the one with no energy that would cry at the thought of being at one place for hours and sitting on a dry chair made it to dinner/dancing. I was so trilled that I can actually have some social life occasionally. I was more happy to be able to go with my hubby, usually I would send him off by himself. I actually spent some time on the dance floor too. I am paying for it a little today as I feel my side pain is a little more intense but nothing a good rest won't take care of.

On the thought of Endo pain I get intense numbing pain on both sides of my thigh, a little above my thighs. The last time I was at my massage treatment the woman nearly killed me. I had so many knots that she had such a pleasure beating my muscles until her hands hurt. But it felt great and it got rid of my pain to some extent but if I go for a walk a couple of times I know it will be back in its full intensity. I don't know weather this is related to Endo, scar tissue or just posture issues but it is not pleasant.

The one thing I still lack on is not getting enough physical activity which I still need to work on.

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  1. I can't tell you the last time I was out till 2 a.m. It would take me a week to recover! haha