Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Postive Outlook

Today is Cd 18 (P+4). I started the progesterone and estradiol yesterday. It wasn't cold enough for our heat to be on during the night so I had turned it off. I walk up this morning and I was hot and a little sweaty. Yes me the "cold block" was warm all over. That is a good feeling that the progesterone is working wonders. I took oral progesterone last cycle and didn't see any difference in my temp. Definitely using it the other way is much better.

When I walk up this morning and I told DH that I was hot he said he has a feeling that he thinks I will be pregnant this cycle :). He rarely says stuff like this and usually doesn't talk about pregnancy etc. It caught me by surprise and I just said hope you are right. However, I have promised my self that I would not live my life in 2 week increments anymore and is trying to ignore the fact that I am in the 2WW phase. I don't want to analyze every pinch, cramp and what ever else that goes on in there as a possible pregnancy symptom. This week I am actually preoccupied with worrying about the endo coming back and less with the 2WW wait. The last two weeks I was not able to walk for more than 20 min without feeling dizzy and disoriented due to numbness around my sides and right leg, all too familiarly symptoms of Endo. So I am taking one day at a time.

My migraine headaches seem to have lifted a little bit more and my mood seem to be better since I have started HC. Will see what the progesterone and estradiol will do for my PMS.

Even though Dr. S said the preovulatory phase is Ok based on the hormonal tests I want to do an ultrasound series and need to find an OBGYN that will be willing to do this, no way I can go to PA for a week.

On other news I bought this this past weekend. It will be put to use all winter long. I paid $70 more for it but what is done is done. I saw it for cheaper a few days later somewhere else but I had already cooked on it so didn't feel like it is right to retrun it.


  1. Awesome purchase! I love mine :). And it gets put to use almost 5 nights a week. I do everything in that pot! Worth the money, I think.
    Sorry about the endo symptoms. Those have a way of getting in your head and making you panic. Hopefully your hubby is right about this cycle :).

  2. Please tell me how to use that pot? Do I need one? I don't know why or how I would use it. ;) But recipes call for it and I think I need it! ;)

    It feels so good to be warm for once doesn't it...Sounds like you need a little t3...hehehehe

  3. Awe, I so hope he is right:) You know TJ Maxx sells that brand...maybe you can find some other kitchen items to match! I plan on getting one soon. I'm trying to decide what color I like! Too many choices!

  4. Sew, you pretty much can make anything in this pot. Stew, roast, fry, soup.... It lasts for a long time which justifies the price.

    Awaiting: yes that is where I saw it for $70 cheaper. I am thinking of buying the grill.