Monday, January 17, 2011

To Test or Not To Test

I have had cramps since P+10 and today is P+16. On P+10 I called in sick from work, walk up with the room spinning and wanting to throw up. Figured I had one of the milder stomach virus that is going around. I never threw up and by afternoon it kind of went away. I had very light spotting on P+10, it went away and came back for a day on p+13 and disappeared. Since p+13 I have not had any bleeding but I have had cramps like usual.

AF was due yesterday. My bobs are a little sore on the sides but nothing out of the ordinary. So should I test or not?

I rather not test because I am always devastated by the negative result so I am thinking of wait it out. After all I am having period like cramps so it might just been delayed by a day or two because of the progesterone.

It would be a miracle if I get a positive result, my CM this cycle was shorter and not as good.

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