Friday, July 30, 2010

Post Surgery Appointment

I had my post surgery appointment with Dr. S yesterday. Although DH did fill me in on what was done during surgery he had forgotten some things. Dr. S said they did a lot in there, found a lot of endometriosis spots and also removed adhesion that connected colon to something else (forgot what he told me). My pelvic was a total mess. So it was my understanding that Na.pro Docs don't do Saliva test, I guess Dr. S didn't consider it before however he mentioned that he attended a conference in July where they covered adrenal fatigue in relation to chronic pain and endometriosis. So he suggested to do a saliva test for endocrine panel and also male/female hormone profile over 24 hours. I have done this test before with my Natropath Dr. The problem is it takes too long to do anything at Dr. S office. He is incredibly busy and he said to expect to receive the Saliva kit within 2-3 weeks. We are also doing blood hormone test over one cycle. However he would like to wait until the next cycle for this. I really do like him and his approach to treatment but his suggestion would mean that I will get the result of both blood and saliva hormonal results in three month. Yep, three month. I don't have three month, I am suffering from constant fatigue, PMS and multiple other symptoms. I waited three months for this surgery to happen and I suffered a lot.

I found a Dr. around here that also do Saliva tests, she is an MD and also practices Acupuncture and other alternative medicine. If I get an appointment early enough then I will have to go to her.

I went back to work this week and it has been though to say the least. Luckily we lost power on Monday at work so I went in only for a little bit and came back home. Today has been a total disaster. I walk up after a 9h sleep and got ready to go to work. My fatigue usually peak in the morning but today it was worse. But I pushed my self and drove to work. My legs felt wobbly and I though I was going to pass out by the time I got to work. I sat on my chair, logged on to my computer, logged out and went back home. I layed down for a few hours and went to work after lunch. By the end of the day I was exhausted. I can't keep doing this, I am going to break at some point if this doesn't improve. After the surgery my fatigue has increased so I am hoping that once I fully recover it will get better.

On a ositive note it is nice to not feel the endo pain. But it will take time to get rid of the migraine like headaches and the blurry vision. Hoping GOD will give me the strength to wait for the hormone tests.


  1. I am curious about which doctor you're seeing (not Dr. S., but the Acupuncture MD). It sounds like you and I might be in the same area geographically. If you don't want to post anything (for privacy's sake), you can always email me at russkysfm at yahoo dot com.
    My dr. gives me the kit at the appt, I do the saliva test, and then mail it in and get the results a week or two later. I don't know why you have to wait so long!

  2. Yep, we are in the same area. Here is the Dr's website. I haven’t made an appointment yet. They send you a health questioner first and once they recieve the questioner they will contact you for an appointment.


    It is a new thing for Dr. S to test for Saliva and they don't keep kits in the office yet. Plus he seem to be booked until end of Oct :(

  3. I'm glad they got a lot of the endo out. However a 3 month wait is ridiculous just for getting tests done! Can't they understand you're suffering here, and that fertility is ticking away with time? Tests can be done anywhere. It's the course of treatment which you have to be selective about. So perhaps you can go with whoever could work more quickly with you on getting the assessment done. I hope you have this resolved and find some answers soon. It's sounds awful living with the symptoms you have! (((HUGS)))

  4. If you're willing to travel a bit farther, there is a doc in Columbia that is an MD/acupuncturist http://www.mdfamilyphysician.com/
    I know it's probably a bit of a drive for you, but Dr. S is a lot farther!