Monday, July 12, 2010

Recoverying from Surgery

The surgery went well. It took 3 hours to get everything out of me. I had hoped that all they find will be the adesions that the last Dr. couldn't remove during my first surgery but there was a whole lot more. Dr. S found some small areas of Endometrosis mostly on the right side. During first surgery 2 year ago all the endo was on the right side and nothing was seen on the left. This time I also had an endmetrioma on my left ovary but my left tube is open. The last surgery my RE said he couldn't remove all of the adesisions where my right ovary/tube were partially stuck to the pelvic and I was sure that was where most of the pain was coming from. Dr. S managed to free the ovary/tube and also unclog the right tube where it was partally closed.
For the last year >90% of the time I had ovulated on the right which also explains why I couldn't get pregnant. The surgery was done 2 days after ovulation and Dr. S said there is evidence that I ovulated on the right side.

Recovery has been OK except the pain medication was messing me up. I had palpitation and general weakness yesterday and I was alone. I thought I was going to pass out so I called 911. All tests seem normal except that my liver enzymes are a little elevated, Dr. said most likely due to the surgery and was told to follow up with my primary Dr. I am still bleeding from Surgery but the last couple of day have been light.

Dr. S briefly talked to me after I woke up from surgery but all I remember is that he said everything went well. He did talk to DH and also gave him the pictures. I have a follow up appointment in a few weeks and I can not wait for Dr. to tell me the details of surgery and chance of pregnancy. I have to wait and let the incsions heal to see if the Endo pain has gotten better.

Hoping this surgery will be the answer, now I have to figure out the hormonal issues. Can't wait to TCC once DH gets back from vacation.

Thank you Zengirl for wishing me well.

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