Thursday, August 15, 2013


I had an ultrasound this afternoon at 7 wk 1 day.   The instruction on the order from the Dr. said "hold and call".  So I spent like what felt like eternity on that stupid table and the tech kept very quite through out the whole thing and I knew something was wrong.    After it was all over she asked us to wait while she makes the call to the Dr.  I glanced at the screen and the heartbeat is at 95 and my heart stopped.

She came back after about 15 min and said she faxed the result but couldn't get hold of the dr.  I knew this already, it was after 4 pm.  Any how she said she is not allowed to discuss the result but said the heartbeat was low and to contact the Dr.

Wow, I don't know what to feel right now.  I have no bleeding and no signs of anything being wrong.  However coupled with the low progesterone this result is alarming.  

I panicked while we were waiting for the tech but quickly calmed myself.  I can't do anything but wait.   I am going to hung on to hope and make it through the night. 

Please pray for the tiny being inside me. 

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