Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I have been off work for more than a week and enjoying it. It is nice to spend time with family. I visited my uncles, my cousins came over for a day and we also visited some of DH relatives.

Part of Christmas day was spent with DH family and we went to my brothers for dinner. We spent two afternoons at the mall buying gifts for my nieces & nephews. My DH hates going to the mall but somehow he didn't complain too much. It is funny how things turn out. When we were dating I would drag him to the mall and he did not seem to mind it. He was calm, let me look around and window shop. Now it is a different story, as soon as I say we need to go to the mall he asks what specific items I am planning to buy so he can stop me from looking at other things that I will not be buying :).

On cycle news nothing much exciting. As usually my pre-ovulatory phase is filled with more anxiety and butt/back pain. Today I went to my weekly acupuncture/massage session and Oh man I was in pain. I still can't comprehend why I have pain around my lower back and right below it and and my butt/sides. I am talking about pain that radiates to the leg at times. My muscles are in knots around there. There is nothing more embarrassing than having your butt massaged but that is the only way I can get some relief. The lady that does it is nice and makes me feel comfortable, it is not pleasant at all but it does give me some relief.

In addition, the hormonal shift that takes place right after my period is messing with me. As far as the migraine headache and fogginess goes that is a lot better. I still get a faint headache but I seem to wake up with the dreaded/anxious depressing feeling and this goes away after ovulation. As far as my hormones Dr. S said all is fine pre-ovulatory so I don't understand what could be causing it.

We have been asked by total strangers and DH relatives when we are having kids. Today we managed to drop by a store to get one of our wedding pics framed and the cashier asked as how long we have been married and where the children are :(. One of DH relative has five kids and his wife was saying how she wanted a sixth one and her husband said she has to wait and give other people a chance. I told him he will be waiting a long time.

Happy New Year to everyone, may your wishes come through for 2011.


  1. I have strange back/butt pain too... and a history of endo, but nothing showing up on an MRI. If you find out what it is and how to resolve it, please let me know!
    Wishing you all the best for 2011.

  2. HA! My hubby and I are exactly opposite of you... and most people in the world. He LOVES to shop and I HATE IT!!! I start whining and bitching the second he brings up the mall, or even the grocery store. :)

    The butt pain isn't too unusual... in fact it's pretty common. Don't know your specifics, but generally.... if you look at how the muscles in the lower back, butt, and upper legs lay over one another... pain/tension in one can/does trigger it in all. Something like 80-90% of low back pain is actually caused by butt tension... and much of it radiates down the legs. Add in any pinched nerves and your talking major pain. Plus any endo pain, you are in a world of hurt. Whatever you can do to relieve it. Pain meds, massage, muscle relaxants, and LOTS OF STRETCHING. I have about 5 stretches that work really nicely for it but don't know how to type instructions... see if the person who massages your butt has any stretches you can do at home. Wow, sorry this is so long! Good luck!

  3. Is it pathetic that I had my butt massaged today and I thought of you during the pain!!! hahaha. Seriously! I used to have to go to therapy for a while for issues with my neck muscles and knots around my shoulder blades. Therapy helped so much but I still go for my neck/back massage 1x a month to assure no major knots again. Anyway, she did a rub down of my legs too (including butt) and when she went across, I let out this yelp!!! haha. And I immediately thought of this post! HOLY COW! She was explaining to me the whole sciadic nerve thing and man did it hit home. It killed at first. I had a knot the size of an egg! I'm a little sore now but I am fixed now! Going to add that to the neck/back massage thing once a month now:) hahah