Friday, December 10, 2010

Cycle Update

Work has been crazy this week and I am not enjoying the stressed out people around me either. But a much needed two weeks time off is coming up. We decided to not go any where and just pretend we are tourist around here. We will be eating out and just strolling around town a lot. It would have been nice to go some where warmer but since we are saving for a house thought it would be wise to not spend too much.
In addition my lower back has been hurting a lot and I am still having a lot of anxiety issues.

On cycle news I ovulated on CD18/19 which is the first for me. I am on P + 5 today and praying that no spotting shows up this cycle. It seem like a lot is going on in there because I get weird dull pain, cramps, side pain, and stabbing pain in my breast. As much as I don't want to think about it I think the Endo has showed up again.

On the positive note I haven't had a headache in the last two weeks so that is good. Migraine headaches are gone, energy is good but if only I have control of my mood.

We usually spend Xmas at my brothers house so looking forward to it. I enjoy the excitement of all the kids waiting for their gifts. The adults don't give each other gifts which is a very smart thing to do because we are just too many. I usually give to my parents as my Dad gets very excited like a kid :).


  1. I hope the endo hasn't come back. That would really suck. But your Christmas plans sound WONDERFUL! I love a good stay-cation. :) Much cheaper, still stress free, AND I get to sleep in my own bed. :)

  2. I hope the spotting stays away!
    I wish sometimes we did no gifts for the adults in our family. I guess we'd have to have more kids around (there's only 1 grandchild so far) for anyone else to get on board with that...