Friday, December 27, 2013

Another miscarriage

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas.    Besides the obvious disappointment we had a lovely Christmas spent with family.

I tested on P + 14 which was last Friday and it was positive to my surprise.    I had a blood draw the same day and HCG was at 43 and progesterone was 5.5. 

I was excited and nervous for a day and once I heard the numbers I pretty much knew how this was going to end.   I got on progesterone immediately and I was suppose to do a repeat test after a week.

The day before Christmas I walk up in the morning and realize I didn't wake up in the middle of the night to pee.  For the last 4 days I was waking up to pee but couldn't go back to sleep.

On Christmas morning I woke up to cramping followed by spotting which ended in light flaw for two days and felt just like a period.   The cramps were intense when it started so I rested on my sofa for the morning.   We had planned to go to DH's cousin's house for Christmas  lunch/dinner.   I knew this was over since  the bleeding was accompanied with a lot of cramping.   I took T.ylenol and rested for a few hours and  decided to attend the party.   We showed up a couple of hours late and had a wonderful time.  

I called the Dr's office the next day and had an HCG done.   The called me this morning and the number is 2. 

This sounds like a chemical pregnancy.   Pre Armour days I would be in such a despair emotionally. 
 I am much calmer and rational this time around and it happened so fast.   It seem like the last two cycles I probably was pregnant but early losses since I had all the pregnancy symptoms but followed by a AF.  

I will hear from the Dr. on Monday regarding the ultrasound I took at P + 7 to measure my endometrial lining and we will go from there.  

We are going to hold off TTC for the next cycle and we will see what the Dr. says.

Have a Happy New Year


  1. I am so sorry for this terrible heartache. The wounds are still fresh from the early loss I had during Christmas 2011. Praying for you. May the Lord fill you with his peace.

  2. Oh sweetie. I'm so sorry! So much loss and disappointment. I'm glad you're holding together well, but I'm sure it's still awful. I hope the doctor has some good advice for you, maybe even some answers. So sorry. *hugs*