Thursday, October 3, 2013

Could It Be Possible?

My D & C was end of August.   I figured I ovulated week of Sep 20th, yes we were active but careful, I don't know if I was really fertile, most likely I guess.  I was just not paying attention much.  I started taking the progesterone after what I thought was ovulation and then I run out of it after a few days.  Then neglected to take it for the remaining 5 days.

I have been cramping for four days now, the same as usual before AF arrives.  However, I have been getting up between 4-5 am the last three days, very odd.  I started going to sleeping an hour earlier than usual so I figured that is why I am waking up early.   I believe today is P + 13/14 or 15.  Just guessing here.  Since after breakfast I have been nauseous.  Weird, there is always a possibility I guess but most likely I am not pregnant.  We were told to avoid at least for one cycle but we may have done the unthinkable at least once in the fertile window.  Oh boy, the things you are open about when dealing with sub/infertility. 

Any how DH said it is impossible.  My body is giving me signals all day.  I have no pregnancy stick so I have to go out and buy some if AF doesn't show up tomorrow.    No bleeding at all so who knows. 

Google tells me fertility increases after a D & C but as you know I am not the "normal" fertile woman.  So I say Ha Ha to that.

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