Saturday, October 5, 2013

Of couse not Pregnant

After three days of what felt like pregnancy symptoms I caved in and tested.  I expected it to be negative but had to test just in case since I have stopped the progesterone.   I had no anguish over the negative test.  After the whole ordeal of miscarriage I am at a different spot emotional over this matters.   

I have been cramping since Monday with no sign of AF until this afternoon.  Today's cramps remind me of the old days when I had those awful heavy painful periods.  We shall see how it works out but I have been feeling so icky and want to just lay down and cry.   My whole body feels numb and headaches and cramps have not stopped so I have been taking ad.vil.

Poor MH is cutting her 2 year old molars.  Poor baby has been miserable since yesterday.  It started last week when she threw up all over me while laying on my chest.  She didn't throw up after that so I didn't think anything of it.  A few days ago I noticed her left lower 2nd molar is trying to come up.  Yesterday afternoon we were out and she seem OK but refused to eat.  We spend a good hour at a book store and she was happy.   Before bed time she felt hot so we gave her a cool bath and some T.ylenol.  We had to give her another dose in the middle of the night and another one this afternoon.  She is eating and drinking some but not much.   I am so terrified of her going through another febrile seizure so we are trying to keep her temperature down.   It is heart breaking to see her in pain. 

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  1. I'm sorry! I know you're not really upset about the bfn, but the whole ordeal with stress, and your body not working, and being sick and in pain... just ugh. I'm so sorry! I hope you're not going back to the really bad cycles. And poor MH! I hope those molars stop giving her so much trouble! So sad. :(