Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am anticipating my surgery scheduled for July. However the fear is slowly overtaking me. Its not so much of the actual surgery (that worries me too) but it is the thoughts that

What if there is Endometriosis everywhere

What if the Laparoscopy is not enough and I have to go back for Laparotomy

What if I lose my ovaries, tubes, etc in the process

What if the pain doesn't go away after surgery

What if some of the adhesions can't be removed

This thoughts drive me crazy but my mind have a legitimate reason to think this way.
My last surgery over 2 years ago did not solve my pain issue. From having intense pain around my period and some mild pain after surgery it became a constant numbing pain. Surgery did help in decreasing the bleeding and the sever cramps during my period. It didn't help me get pregnant or help with the pain. Even though I am going to one of the best Dr. for this kind of issues I am still scared out of my mind.

I have to work on creating some positive thoughts over the remaining few weeks.


  1. Oh sweetie! I'm so sorry you've got so much worry on your mind! If endo is everywhere, your doc will try and remove most of it. I'm sure you can tell your doctors not to touch your tubes or ovaries if the endo is severe. They can close you up, discuss your next move with you and then go from there. If the adhesions are not removed, many women with endo still do get pregnant, with their adhesions. Perhaps I am a good example of that-I managed to get pregnant last year without any of my endo removed. So fertilisation and implantation can still happen with endo. But your hormones have to be good to support the pregnancy. My current fertility doc says that if your hormones and your eggs are good, this can overcome endo, if your tubes are not blocked. So have a little faith.

    Surgery does not get to the root of the endo problem and unfortunately, it can also cause additional scarring. From the feedback that I've read from endo gals who have gone through surgery, I hear over and over again that it didn't really help them. I'm convinced that these doctors have gone about endo the wrong way. However there are other ways to manage pain without surgery. You know that I've manage to cut my pain in half and my severe bleeding patterns too all naturally through TCM. And I never let a single blade get near me to achieve this. So don't give up! There are alternatives out there. You just have to try them!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Zengirl.
    I did try TCM mainly acupuncture, couldn't stomach the herbal stuff. It did help me initially but the last six month my pain has increased and the acupuncture only helps a little. I stopped going after I started Physical therapy but I will go back to it after my surgery.