Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family & Endo

The other day I was telling my sister about the surgery schedule and what would be expected etc. None of my siblings or relatives have a history of Endo. Since I am working from home my family fears that I may lose my job if this keeps on going. The first thing I get asked is did you make it to work today? Mind you I have told everyone that I will not be going back until after the Surgery. It also pisses me off that I have to explain my disease what seem like a million times to my siblings. They are very supportive of me and they worry but having to constantly explain my condition is tiring so I have started lashing out with anger :).

I don't hide my infertility to relatives if they ask why we don't have kids. One of my cousins called me the other day to check on me and I told her the situation. In an effort to make me feel better she said you can always do IVF. I would have said the same thing years ago when I didn't know the details of IVF.

My Mom had 8 kids, my sisters have 2-3 kids each and my cousins the same. To top it off some of my cousins had there last kid in there early 40s with no issue. I don't know how I ended up with this disease and it is hard to deal with sitting amongst super fertile women.


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