Saturday, October 24, 2009

My Story

This is my first post and I don’t know where to start. After reading so many helpful blogs on endometriosis and infertility I thought I would share my experience. Before my diagnosis I had never heard of endometriosis. I have always been in pain related to my cycle which gradually got worse. I think for me it was triggered by the stress of moving to another country when in High school. I always had painful periods and which I thought was normally for some people.

In my early 20s I saw a Dr. for anxiety attacks. I went through college with a lot of emotional and physical turmoil. I was always tired, foggy, hungry and anemic. I tried to get help but no Dr. could tell me what was wrong. The pain started getting worse in my 30s and I landed in the emergency room after I had an attack, I truly though I was having a heart attack. For as long as I remember I always sat a certain way where I had to press down my right leg continuously which made the endo pain a little less. I had a laparoscopy surgery a year ago where they removed most of the endo around one of my ovaries and also polyps in my uterus. I also had chocolate cysts. Although the surgery helped some within a few months all the pain was back. My RE thinks it is scar tissue but I feel like the endo is back. However after going on a gluten free diet for the last few month I am feeling much better and the pain has been somewhat manageable.
There were times earlier this year that I thought holding a job was becoming impossible. I am still struggling with foggy brain, headaches, anxiety attacks, and pain around ovulation. I do not want to go through another surgery; I feel that this would not be an answer for me. I have been seeing a Naturopath Dr and waiting to see if this will solve some of my issues. We have been TTC for almost 2 years with no luck and it sucks big time.


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