Saturday, May 22, 2010


I feel like I am stuck at this point. Still haven't heard from my Na.pro Dr. on surgery schedule, makes me think may be I should find another Dr. Driving more than 5-10 min is out of the question, my eyes are blurry and my brain is foggy not to mention the dull constant Endo pain. I don't know if the blurry vision is related to Endo but it has gotten worse the last two month or so.

I have been reading a lot on Vitamin D deficiency. It seem indeed some of my symptoms could be related to Vitamin D deficiency, I reviewed my medical records and the only time I got tested was two month ago where numbers came low. For some reason I thought this was included in the routine yearly blood work check up.
It seem like vitamin D is related to infertility, gluten intolerance & also Endo which I have all three.

My Endocrinologist got back to me on the hormone test on Cd 1. He tested for DHEA, progesterone, estrodiol, testosterone, prolactin, cortisol, FSH & TSH. All were within the normal range. Then why do I feel like crap?

I have been seeing a Physical Therapist who specializes in pelvic pain. On my last session she was checking around my stomach and found a painful spots on both sides that I wasn't aware of. She said it seem like connective tissue issues and it was so painful when she massaged it. She is a very nice lady and very laid back. PT for pelvic pain is worse than going to the OBGYN, at least at the OBGYN you are exposed for a short time. Here they work on both internal and external pelvic muscles and boy the internal part is not pleasent to say the least. I am hoping this helps my pain soon, I don't think I can stand the a$$ poking for long, it is gross as hell.

My husband's cousin who is frantically planning her wedding is pregnant. She is in her early 40's, I am happy for her but can't help but feel a little jealous.

Here is an interesting blog I found while reading on vitamin D



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