Thursday, November 19, 2009

Incesant Ovulation

This past weekend I picked up a book "What the Dog S.aw" by M.al.colm Gl.adwell and it has an interesting story about women's ovulation changes over the century. In the pre-industrial era women menstruated less than the modern women due to late onset of puberty and high number of child birth and breastfeeding. It indicates that on average over a life time preindsturial women ovulated 100 times compared to 400 times for women now. For an evolutionary point of view the book raises the effect of increased number of ovulation/menses on women's health. I though this was interesting.

Since I have a 23-25 day cycle and with no pregnancy to show for I am sure my number will be way over 400 times by the time menopause comes around :)


  1. How interesting! Even though you may fall in the category of ovulating more than 400 times, the upside is that you have more chances to conceive in a year! I have a 35 day cycle which leads me to having 4 ovulations less in a year than you :-(

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my blog. It really helps to know that there are others like me. I left a response to your question. Hope it helps. Pls remember to check it out:


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