Sunday, November 8, 2009


Today is Cd 1. I expected AF to show up yesterday and when the spotting tapered off by late afternoon and there was nothing over night I again thought of pregnancy. But this morning my temp dropped and I knew there was no chance and by afternoon my best friend AF is here. I have mild cramps, it is uncomfortable but since I am home I haven’t taken any pain medication. I was just thinking about the roller coaster ride of my cycle. For the most part I am sick for most of the days. I was looking at my BBT chart notes and observed the following
1. Cd 1-3, AF, cramps could be severe to mild. Headache, backache
2. Anxious feelings and mood swings pre-ovulatory, CD6-10
3. Ovulation pain cd 7-11
4. PMS Cd 20-25, cramps, headaches, backache, dizziness
5. Back to cd 1
Just LOVELY. This is looking at the last four month of my cycle. Last cycle was hard because I was sick to some extent almost every day before and after ovulation.
Talked to DH’s sister today, lives in another country, and she brought up the baby thing and I told her nothing yet. I am so tired of that question.
So for this cycle I will start the progesterone starting from Cd4 and see how it goes. I think the new formulation of Progesterone is helping my moods.

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